NIV 50th Anniversary: Made to Share


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of commissioning the NIV, Zondervan has developed the NIV Zondervan Study Bible. I picked up a sampler of this Bible at this year’s ICRS and took a few photos of the demo (its pages were blank). What I noticed is that it was a huge Bible. The sampler gave a good idea of the kind of info it would have.

I received a review copy of this Bible a few weeks ago and at 3000 pages it’s the largest study Bible I’ve ever seen. You can see an overview here: Unpacking God’s Story

Here are some interesting links with more info about the NIV and the Zondervan NIV Study Bible:

Here’s a video with more information:

I particularly liked this infographic that shows the breadth and depth of NIV support materials produced for studying the Bible — more than any other English translation:


The anniversary and release of the Zondervan Study Bible take place later this year. Stay tuned for my detailed review of the study Bible.

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