R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign Bible Review

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (15)

This is a guest review from Christopher Lewis. 

  • 9 1/4 × 6 1/2 × 1 9/16 (just over 1 1/2 thick)
  • 38 gsm paper
  • 1 inch outer and bottom margin
  • 10/11 point bold font
  • 3 ribbons
  • 16 pages of Oxford maps
  • Concordance
  • Subject index
  • Dictionary of proper names
  • Writing paper in the back

I will start by saying how honored I am to be doing this review and to own this bible. Like every bible, its not “The One”. I do not believe there is a “be all bible”. Allan designed this bible for easier reading, due to the thick paper, bold print, and margins. They hit it on the head with this design. This is not a hand or mid size bible. This bible is big!

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (6)

From top to bottom…Crossway Heirloom ESV, Schuyler Westminster KJV, and the Longprimer 63. The Longprimer is a 1/4 inch thicker than the Schuyler and obviously longer and wider than both the others.

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (21)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (18)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (17)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (16)

Flexability- This is the most limp bible I have ever seen. It has the original Allan binding we have grown to love in the 53 series. This is a good thing, but only for desk use as you will see in the pictures. Because this bible is so heavy, it is a work out trying to hold it in hand. However, on a desk or pulpit, this bible will trump all competitors in any category.

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (4)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (5)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (12)Of course like all Allan bibles, it stays flat at Genesis 1. To top that off, turn to chapter two. You can clearly see how well this bible lays open without any work at all while I had to work the other two just to get them the way they are.

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (8)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (7)

The text is 10 point bold font. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will just say…look no further if readability is on your mind. This IS the bible of bibles.

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (1)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (2)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (3)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (9)
More comparison photos

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (11)

R.L. Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign (10)

Conclusion. I will admit I was annoyed at first with not being able to truly handle this bible, but given what it was designed for, I cannot justify that complaint. It was made for lying down and being read. I cannot think of a better bible for pulpit preaching. If you are considering a desk top reading or preaching bible, spend the extra money on the 63. It is so worth it. I own or have owned every goatskin kjv available. This one takes the cake when it come to any bible over hand or mid size. The margins do make the reading experience better. I have an Allan 53 as well. Although I use it more because of carrying purposes, the 63 clearly reads better. No cons, just pros on this masterpiece. Like I previously mentioned…I cannot justify my original complaint. If you are considering purchasing this bible, I say jump. Allan doesnt put KJV bibles out everyday. This will be oop one day as well. God bless

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Christopher Lewis

    Dare I say that my favorite bible is the Crossway ESV? Yes…I do

    • Christopher Lewis

      And…Im a KJV guy

    • Randy Brown

      It’s definitely a good choice! I would love to have that in KJV!

    • Christopher Lewisqq

      I agree.

  2. John

    Thanks for the review. Would you say the margin is large enough to be a wide margin bible? Would you be able to fit all your notes into this bible?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi John. For the outer and bottom margin maybe, but not the inner margin. If you write short notes you might get them in, but anything more than that your notes wouldn’t fit.

  3. John

    Thanks Randy. It certainly looks like a beautiful bible. If the margins were just a bit bigger it would edge out my Allan 5WM. The Brevier Clarendon has wonderful wide margins but I would prefer the larger Longprimer font.

  4. Christopher Lewis

    I don’t see any reviews on the 62. I’ve had a purple one for over a week and like it much more than the 63. Both are elegant in their own right but the 62 has a tighter binding which works best for this bible. In my original blog on the 63 I couldn’t hold it in hand comfortably but with the 62 that is not the case. God bless.

    • Randy A Brown

      Thanks for the info Christopher!

  5. Lynne Simms

    Where can I purchase this Bible for a reasonable price? As of this writing there is one on EBAY for over $1000.

  6. Chris DeMelo

    Randy, how do you like the Meriva Calfskin binders compared to the Highland Goatskin? Is that basically the main difference between the 62 and the 63, and between the 52 and the 53, the cover? Thank you.

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Chris. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them. I’ve only seen the older 53br in Highland goatskin. Sorry. 🙁

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