The Bible Buying Guide privacy policy shows the information that we gather, how we use it, and your options to access, correct, or delete that information. This includes General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Data We Collect

We only collect a few types of data:

  • Contact: your name and email address for our newsletter.
  • Correspondence: suggestions, messages, questions, requests, and comments in either email or in the comments section of this website.
  • Usage: pages you visit, IP address, browser type, operating system, and date so we can know what you’re interested in and how to best provide it to you.

How We Use the Data

We use the information we collect in the following ways:

Improve and Develop Content

We use the data we collect to write, improve, and develop our reviews based on questions you ask, what you search for, and based on user’s preferences of our designs. For example, if we see a lot of people searching for a certain Bible, we know to review that Bible. If we get questions about a specific feature, we know to include information about that feature in our future reviews. Sometimes we run a/b tests to see which colors, button styles, layout designs, etc., that readers prefer. We use that data to better design our website.

Communicating with You

We sometimes send out notifications about our reviews and news about upcoming events. These are sent to anyone that has signed up to our newsletter (also known as an email opt-in). You can unsubscribe from these emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails themselves. Your email is not stored on our servers. Instead, it’s stored on servers at our email service (which currently is MailChimp).


We use Google Analytics to track visits to all of our pages and reviews. This provides us anonymous data to identify trends so we can continue to improve our website and articles.

Our Use of Data from European Visitors

We comply with GDPR for European visitors. You may opt-out of our emails by clicking the unsubscribe button in any of our emails. We use your data as described above.

Your Access To and Control of Your Personal Data

If you live in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein),  you have the right to access, correct, update, export, or delete your personal information. If you request to delete your data it may take up to 90 days to delete it.

Data Retention

Any tracking information about pages that have been visited, IP addresses, comments, and OS’s are stored on our server.

Ads and Affiliate Links

We track which ads and affiliate links to ensure we provide the best purchasing options for our visitors. These are tracked with the cookies spoken of above. Amazon and other ads my use their own cookies to collect their own data.

Information Security

We work hard to keep this website secure. We use some of the best WordPress security plugins and we’re working on upgrading to SSL.

We Do Not Share Your Information

We do not share your personal information with anyone.

Who We Are and How to Contact Us

We are a family run business based in the United States. You can contact us by visiting our Contact page.