Best Study Bibles for Preachers and Pastors

Study Bibles are a great resource for sermon and classroom preparation, and counseling duties that Ministers often face. Here is a list of study Bibles that I find the most useful for these tasks. In this article (updated 9/29/2017) we’ll look at the best study Bibles for preachers and  pastors. They’re in no particular order.

As always, I cannot give a blanket recommendation on the accuracy of study notes as they all have a bias (even mine would have a bias). I still find them to be great resources.

NOTE- this has become our most popular article. It was originally meant to provide a short list, but due to its popularity we’ve decided to add to it and expand the information. Please be patient as we perform these updates. 

Study Bibles

Archaeology Study Bible (ESV)


The Archaeology Study Bible was published by Crossway in 2018. All of its articles and study tools are focused specifically on archaeology, and it does a good job of maintaining that focus. The articles are written by trained archaeologists, so the material provided is accurate and well-written. It has 15 in-depth articles and over 2000 notes, including charts, maps, photos, and diagrams. It also contains several indexes, a concordance, glossary, and a bibliography for further archaeological study.

ESV Study Bible

Crossway ESV Study Bible 026

Crossway’s ESV Study Bible came out in 2008 and has been one of the most popular study Bibles on the market. With its vast amount of quality features, it’s not hard to understand why. With 20,000 notes and 50 articles, the scope of this Bible is so large that it seems to contain a full library of Bible study materials. It’s no wonder the list of contributor’s takes six pages. It includes 25,000 notes, 80,000 cross references, 50 articles, 200 full-color maps, 200 charts, word studies, and concordance. It’s printed in single column with a 9-point font.

Holman Study Bible (HCSB, KJV, NKJV)

Holman HCSB Study Bible 017

Holman’s full-color study Bible series was designed with visuals and ease of use in mind. It features full color photos and maps throughout the text. The quality of its visuals, paper, print, tools, notes, and study material make this one the best study Bibles available. It contains 24 essay’s, 408 word studies, 100+ color photos, topical concordance, commentary, and more.

Thompson Chain Reference (KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV)

Thompson Chain Reference Bible KJV 007

Rather than commentary, the Thompson Chain Reference has topical chains that run throughout the Bible. It also has topical lists in the back and an archaeological supplement. I consider it a ‘study Bible’ and not a ‘commentary Bible’ or ‘study Bible with commentary notes’. It still has lots of useful study tools.

Keyword Study Bible (KJV, ESV, NASB, NIV, NKJV)

Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible ESV 011

The primary focus of this Bible is Hebrew and Greek word studies. This is the only study Bible available that I’m aware of that has Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in the back.

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NIV Cultural Backgrounds

The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible is Zondervan’s replacement of the Archaeological Study Bible. This one is much smaller, making it a standard size study Bible. It includes enough notes, photos, charts, maps, and articles to make it a highly useful Bible for anyone interested in researching the culture and background of the writers and their original audiences.

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Fire Bible (KJV, NIV, ESV)

Hendrickson’s Fire Bible series is an improved version of the original Full Life Study Bible. It’s an all-in-one reference library for Pentecostal Christians. It was originally developed for Pentecostal Pastors and lay-leaders as a tool for preaching, teaching, and outreach.

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ESV (coming soon)

NIV Zondervan Study Bible

This is a comprehensive Bible that’s filled with lots of useful information. It feels to me like a combination of the Archaeological Study Bible and a commentary Bible. It has notes based on archaeology, culture, and factual information, etc.

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The King James Study Bible

Thomas Nelson’s King James Study Bible full-color edition is a nice update to the already popular KJV Study Bible. It’s cleaner and much easier to read. Everything is in color. It is a large Bible but it does have a lot of material. I especially like the maps, photos, illustrations, personality profiles, paintings, archaeological sites, and indexes.

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NKJV Study Bible

There is a lot of good quality study tools in this Bible. I like the layout and it’s nice to see good quality color photos of places and artifacts. The section headings stand out exactly the way I want them to. Verse numbers are fairly easy to find. I found the word studies, culture notes, artifacts, charts, subject index, and concordance to be the most useful in sermon and class prep. So, it does have a good study system for pastors, teachers, and students.

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Word Study Bible

Unlike the common study Bible which provides commentary on the text, cross references, articles, and other study helps, Thomas Nelson’s KJV Word Study Bible is a study Bible that focuses on word studies of the original languages. Almost every page includes a word study that’s keyed to Strong’s dictionary.

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NLT Illustrated Study Bible

The NLT Illustrated Study Bible has a lot of information and useful tools. It isn’t filled with color photos just for the sake of color photos. There are plenty of charts, artifacts, places, character studies, timelines, word studies, commentary, articles, and indexes to help with any kind of study.


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Minister’s and Pastor’s Bibles

CSB Pastor’s Bible


The CSB Pastor’s Bible is an excellent edition for reading and preaching. It has very few distractions within the text and the verses are easy to find while preaching. The helps are especially good for those new to ministry, but anyone in ministry can benefit from them. I would like this Bible even without the helps because the single-column paragraph layout in large print is a good design.

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Crossway ESV Pastor’s Bible

Crossway’s ESV Pastor’s Bible is an all-in-one resource providing pastors with tools for services, special services, hospital visitations, weddings, funerals, etc. It also serves as a devotional Bible for pastors with devotions that include prayers, quotes, and poems. The Pastor’s Bible builds on The Pastor’s Book: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry by R. Kent Hughes.

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Holman Minister’s Bible (KJV, HCSB)

Like the Hendrickson, the Holman doesn’t have commentary, but instead has Ministerial helps in the back. This one is giant print with wider margins for notes.

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Hendrickson Ministry Essentials Bible (NIV, KJV)

Hendrickson’s Minister’s Bible was a popular Bible for those in ministry. It had a few articles in the back to help with ministerial events. Hendrickson replaced that with the Ministry Essentials Bible, which contains over 250 articles for those in ministry.

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Wide Margin Bibles

Cambridge Wide Margin Bible (KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB)

The Cambridge wide margin series is a standard for preachers and pastors. It includes 38gsm paper, center column references, lots of notebook paper for notes, blank pages to create an index to your notes, concordance, maps, etc. Each edition matches a smaller Bible from Cambridge. The KJV is the Concord in 8-point font (vs the 9-point in the regular edition), while the others are a slightly enlarged Pitt Minion.

Crossway ESV Wide Margin Bible

Crossway’s Wide Margin Reference Bible provides one-inch margins to interact with the Scriptures and still provides other tools to support that study: cross-references, a concordance, and maps in genuine leather at an affordable price. It has double-column format with references under the last verse on the page and footnotes in the footer.

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Hendrickson Large Print Wide Margin Bible

The King James Version Large Print Wide Margin Bible by Hendrickson contains a set of features that are not available together in any other wide margin Bible, such as large print, red-letter, and section headings. This is a nice edition at an affordable price, making this a great choice for taking notes and creating your own Study Bible. It matches the Large Print Personal Size from Hendrickson, making them a great combo.

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LCBP Note Takers (also available from CBP)

Local Church Bible Publishers’ Note Taker’s is the most affordable high quality wide-margin Bible available. It includes a large dark print with the text presented in single column, 2.5″ margins on the outside, 2 ribbons, and a large concordance.

Note – This is now also available from CBP in red letter.

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Ending Thoughts

Well, that’s our list of  the best study Bibles for preachers and pastors. There are lots of good study Bibles for preachers and pastors available and more are being published every month. We’ll update this post as often as possible with our favorites.

As always, we recommend using study Bibles for reference and do your own study. All study notes are created by fallible man and these Bibles are not meant to take the place of Spirit-led Bible study.

Did we miss your favorite? Is there something you would add to this list?


Updated: 11/1/2016

Updated: 9/27/2017 – added buttons

Updated 9/29/2017 – added wide margin and pastor’s Bibles categories, more Bibles, and better descriptions.

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    The problem with study bibles to me is that the notes are often prejudicial, and tend to set one’s mind in one direction depending on the notes. You would think though ministers could use these aids in preparation and study without falling prey to the agendas of the writers of the notes. Still, the bible itself is its own best interpreter, given a enough cross references, a good concordance, dictionary, time and industry, the results I believe are superior. If one gets really stuck, a few notes in a bible won’t help, a good comprehensive commentary is required, after doing the other work first. Just as the maps in the back of the bible are not sufficient as an atlas, the notes along with the text won’t work as well as first study, comparing references, then visiting a trusted commentary. My opinion.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

    • Ryan

      I believe that the another of the article covered these points. I’m not certain if you thoroughly read this page but I think your comment is confrontational and unnecessary.

    • Betty

      Amen to that. I agree

    • Maxi Mill

      Amen! New age opinioned, false teaching, compromising sway…

  2. Christopher Lewis

    I always keep my Thompson Chain Reference close to me.

  3. Pastor Ron Parish

    In my humble opinion, you left our one of the best study bibles I have ever had the pleasure of using. The Dake Reference Bible has been a steady companion of mine for over thirty years, and I never grow tired of looking at the depths of riches it holds.

    You certainly wrote of a good number of excellent study bibles, but the Dake is, by far, at the top of the list.

    I would love to own an ESV Study Bible, but the notes font is entirely too small for me. I don’t want to use a magnifying glass while studying the scriptures and topics.

    Blessings to you.

  4. Scot Schieferstein

    I would suggest the NIV Study Bible should also be close at hand because of its popularity.

    While there is no end these days to study Bibles there is value in being aware of which ones are being used within your congregation. If you are preaching on a passage and a congregant reads the note in their study Bible than it may indeed lead them on a path you don’t wish them to go down (during the sermon anyway). Thus, you need to acknowledge these notes and find a way to use it to refocus people on the Big Idea of your message not someone else’s footnote!!

  5. Pastor Dan Santos

    I must agree with above comment – Dake is one of the top study bibles all leaders should have.

  6. Romina Jules

    would like to purchase a study bible for preacher and paster cause i’m doing diciple course.i’m from seychelles

  7. pst.dominic

    pls,I need the best study bible

    • charles smith

      I would get the Reformation Heritage Study Bible that Joel Beeke puts out. Very Biblical Based Studies without the extra unproven errors of modern editors. Please if you see any Council of Church produced Bible don’t buy it and get out of their Church if they support them.

    • Palemoon4

      John 2:27King James Version (KJV)

      27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. ”
      Why would you need a mere man to teach you when you have the Holy Spirit to teach you? The best study Bible is the Word of God the Holy Bible-King James Version-1611 version!

  8. Gerald seluhinga

    i like esv study bible


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