LCBP Note Taker’s Bible – Review

LCBP Note Takers Bible 001

Local Church Bible Publishers’ Note Taker’s Bible was the first Bible I reviewed. It was an amazing Bible, and now it’s even better. The Note Taker’s is the most affordable high quality wide-margin Bible available and has recently been updated with larger and darker fonts. This is a review of the 1-piece Black Executive Series (item 400E1B).


  • Wide margins
  • Soft and flexible calfskin leather
  • Sewn binding
  • $45-57


  • The paper has a slight shine
  • Heavy


  • KJV
  • Calfskin leather
  • Edge-lined
  • Parameter stitched
  • Smyth sewn
  • 2.5 inch margins
  • Bible paper
  • 11.5 semi-bold font
  • Single column verse format
  • 2 ribbons
  • Translators to the Reader
  • Epistle Dedicatory
  • Concordance
  • 8 maps
  • 8 blank pages
  • Presentation Page
  • Family History pages
  • Gilted edges
  • Available in several cover options
  • 9.75 x 6.75 x 1.75
  • $45-57

Where to Buy

Local Church Bible Publishers: Note Taker’s


The cover is calfskin with a leather liner. It is very soft and flexible. One really nice feature is the liner is stitched to the cover around the parameter instead of glued. Another nice feature is that it’s edge-lined. There is a small portion of the leather that is glued between 2 sheets of thick paper. This relieves the stress so this Bible will last for many years to come. This is easily one of the softest cover’s on the market.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 041

LCBP Note Takers Bible 031

LCBP Note Takers Bible 032

LCBP Note Takers Bible 033

LCBP Note Takers Bible 034

LCBP Note Takers Bible 028

LCBP Note Takers Bible 029

LCBP Note Takers Bible 030


The binding is Smyth sewn. It is very durable and will lay flat even at the beginning and end of the Bible.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 008

LCBP Note Takers Bible 014

LCBP Note Takers Bible 015

LCBP Note Takers Bible 016

LCBP Note Takers Bible 013

LCBP Note Takers Bible 010

LCBP Note Takers Bible 011

LCBP Note Takers Bible 012

LCBP Note Takers Bible 036

LCBP Note Takers Bible 035


The paper is thick. I’m not sure of the GSM, but it feels like “Bible paper”. It is great for writing. There are 18 pages in the back for notes.

One complaint I have with the paper is that it’s shiny. If there is a light shining directly on the page, I can’t see the text that well. Comparing side by side with the Cambridge Wide Margin, the Cambridge is not shiny at all and is still readable.

The paper doesn’t like to take the rich color of color-pencils like the Cambridge does. Setting them side by side, the same pencil is darker in the Cambridge than the Note Taker’s. This makes me want to press harder as I mark, but I’m afraid it will leave pencil-indentations in the paper. I’m considering using highlighters instead.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 018


This is my favorite font in any Bible that I own. The font is 11.5 semi-bold with enough space between the lines for underlining. Because of the font, it is the most readable text I own. It doesn’t have self-pronouncing marks, so the text is very clean. It does have italics, but I’m so used to seeing italics in the KJV that it would look odd to me if they were not there. This is the Bible I go to when I just want to read without any distractions. Of course, once I write my own notes I will create my own distractions, but the text will still be my favorite to read. I would like to have a hand-sized Bible with this text.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 006

LCBP Note Takers Bible 019


The text is in single-column, verse format with wide margins on the outside and Bible text on the inner margin. This is my favorite layout for a wide-margin Bible. At the top of the page, on the outer corners, is the book name and chapter number. There is room above the text to write a page summary if you desire. One thing I really like is that each book starts on a new page, leaving you the space after the end of the previous book for writing. Some books don’t have much space, but some have almost a full page. This is valuable space that can be used for charts, lists, notes, etc. This is a feature that I especially appreciate in a Bible that was meant to be written in.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 052

LCBP Note Takers Bible 007

LCBP Note Takers Bible 021

LCBP Note Takers Bible 020

LCBP Note Takers Bible 040


The margin is 2.5 inches. This gives more writing space per verse than any wide-margin Bible that I know of. The writing space is on the outer margin where it’s easier to write. The margin space makes it perfect for making your own study Bible or journaling. Add to that the font size and this Bible is perfect for teaching and preaching.

Translators to the Reader

The Translators to the Reader is the document that the KJV translators wrote about the KJV translation. It shows the thoughts of the translators on the translation process. I love that this is included. It should be a standard in KJV publishing.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 003

Epistle Dedicatory

The Epistle Dedicatory is a standard in KJV publishing and LCBP continues to keep that standard. This document is 1.5 pages and is a dedication to King James by the translators.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 004


This is one of the better concordances available in a Bible. It has 196 pages and contains over 50 entries for ‘God’. It also includes ‘God (an idol)’ as a separate entry. It has two columns of text and is in large print.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 023

LCBP Note Takers Bible 024

LCBP Note Takers Bible 025


There are 8 color maps that are printed on thick paper. I don’t really like the maps that much. They’re not as colorful as maps in most Bibles. They look like they’re printed on an old inkjet printer. They’re better than no maps.

LCBP Note Takers Bible 026

LCBP Note Takers Bible 027


There are 2 ribbons. They’re .25 inches wide and just long enough to use. They work just fine but many people have replaced theirs to have more of a premium feel. When I get a chance I will replace my ribbons with 3 wide ribbons along the lines of an RL Allan Longprimer.


Here are a few comparisons to the original Note Taker’s

LCBP Note Takers Bible 047

LCBP Note Takers Bible 050

LCBP Note Takers Bible 048

LCBP Note Takers Bible 051

LCBP Note Takers Bible 053

LCBP Note Takers Bible 057

LCBP Note Takers Bible 054

LCBP Note Takers Bible 055

LCBP Note Takers Bible 058

LCBP Note Takers Bible 059


LCBP Note Takers Bible 061

LCBP Note Takers Bible 064

LCBP Note Takers Bible 065


I can easily recommend the Note Taker’s Bible from Local Church Bible Publishers. It is a joy to read and use. It’s low price and high quality is unbelievable. It has the most room to write, a beautiful text, and is built to last a lifetime. It is my favorite font and my favorite wide-margin layout. I can’t say enough good things about it. The Note Taker’s from Local Church Bible Publishers is an amazing Bible and is at the top of my ‘most recommended’ list. It is perfect for teaching, preaching, reading, study, and journaling.

Where to Buy

Local Church Bible Publishers: Note Taker’s


About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Norm

    I just received this bible after ordering it based upon your review. I never owned the previous edition of the Note Takers, so I can’t make a comparison with the new edition. But if I understood your review, basically the latest edition of the Note Takers is a tad bigger and the print larger and bolder? I haven’t had the heart to write in it as of yet, but the paper appears to be up to the task, the ghosting is very minimal, and the text is very readable. Not only is the Text very readable, but I can also read the type in the concordance without any problem, which is a rare exception. It’s a hefty bible, but overall I’m real happy with the Note Takers. I measured it at the spine at 2 inches and the outside dimensions are a little shy of 10” X 7”. I have the two tone Tan and black three piece calfskin binding and although it is a great looking bible I actually prefer the appearance of the black calfskin. I really do like the Ironed Calfskin but, I would also like to see LCBP eventually offer the Note Takers in the Top Grain Cowhide. LCBP’s Bibles appear to be very well constructed and for everyday use I think I actually prefer their bindings to other high-end bibles. As far as I know, LCBP is the only quality Bible bindery left in the U.S.A…

    I also wanted to mention another LCBP Bible: The 180 E1B was my first purchase from LCBP and it’s quite the little bible. The 180E1B also has great paper, the paper in the NoteTakers and the 180 appear similar and both have very little ghosting. The bold print font makes for the best reading bible I own. Like you, I think LCBP would hit another home run by squeezing the Note Takers typeset minus the margin into a handy size bible like the 180, which would make for a nice portable daily reader. Thanks for the review and all the great photos.

  2. The Still Man

    Excellent review. You hit every conceivable buying concern, and the pictures you provide are outstanding. I especially appreciated the photo showing the shine on the pages, which you referenced in your review. I understand now why, thought a concern, the shiny pages don’t take away from the utility of this Bible. Because of your review and the great photos, this will be the first time I buy a Bible knowing almost exactly what I am getting before I purchase. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this review. It was not in vain. Incidentally, I followed the link you provided with your comment on this Bible from the LCBP website. Well done!

  3. Eric Henderson

    wow the print is so much better now.The last edition was just to light the ink was a deal breaker.Now I think this bible is easily on scale with the big boys Allan,Schulyer,Cambridge exc.Yes the big boys are all decked out with bells & whistles but price wise ya cant beat LCBP TANK BUILT NOTE TAKERS

  4. Tyler Jones

    Thank you Randy for your excellent review on the NoteTaker. I ordered one based on your review and it is an amazing bible… I am trying to ween myself of of the notes in my study bibles, and study more in-depth on my own and making my own.. Thank you for your reviews and articles on study..

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Tyler. Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you like the Note-Takers. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

  5. Eli

    Hi sir, I’m a KJV only Christian and I am really interested in the Note Taker’s Bible. Is it portable and can you carry it around all day for “Street Preaching?” And would you also recommend Crayola colored pencils for highlighting some verses in the Bible?
    (And no, I am not a part of the KJV only cult that people today talk about.)

    • Randy Brown

      Hi. The Note-Taker’s is a large Bible. It might be difficult to use for street preaching. I used Crayola for years before I went to PrismaColor. Crayola pencils are good for highlighting. I don’t recommend pressing down too hard because it might leave marks in the paper. Start coloring lightly and go from there.

    • Eli

      Thanks for the reply, but do you think you could at least carry it at church and not have people be weirded out of how big it is?

    • Randy Brown

      I think it would be fine to carry to Church. I carry mine to Church a lot. It’s the size of a study Bible. I’ve actually seen larger study Bibles. I just think it might be too big to hold open and preach from for a period of time. That’s just me. It might be worth it to have the note space.

    • Eli

      And if not, would you reccomend me a KJV Bible that is portable, has no counterfeit spellings, made of calfskin leather, and good for notes.

    • Eli

      I’m sorry if I am really disturbing you from all the questions I asked, but, I just want to say for helping me out. I think I’ll purchase one because I really want to have a durable, note taker’s bible. So thank you for helping me out and spending the time answering my questions. God Bless.

    • Randy Brown

      No problem. I know you’ll like it. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

    • Eli

      I’m sorry if I am waking you up from sleeping because its 11:08 in the evening, but does the Note Taker’s Bible has no counterfeit spellings? I am really picky with the things I buy so I really want to know if this has counterfeit spellings.

    • Eli

      Hi, just wanted to ask something. Does this Bible contain counterfeit KJV spellings?

    • Randy Brown

      It uses the British spellings such as Saviour instead of the Americanized Savior.

  6. John M


    I have several Notetakers. One is just for church and sermon notes. I usually carry it in a little zipper bag. I also use this bible at Small Group meetings. Quite a few people have asked me where they can get one when they see it. I don’t find it too big or heavy but others may.

    They are great bibles. Be sure to get one.


    • Eli

      Hey John M, is that the Local Church Bible Publishers one or is it different?

  7. John M


    Yes, the Local Church Bible Publishers version.


  8. Eli

    Can you use like a Dollar Tree pen instead of those MicroPens?

  9. Eli

    Can you use like a Dollar Tree pen instead of those MicroPens? Or could any cheap pen work?

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Eli. I haven’t tried those. If you tried them you could mark somewhere in the back as a test. I’ve seen people use basic pens with no problems. I like Microns because they don’t smear or streak (unless the ink’s almost gone). Streaking and smearing are the biggest problems I’ve had with regular pens.

  10. Tom Booth

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the thorough review of the LCBP Note Takers Bible. Have you had a chance to try your colored pencils on it yet? I’m a bit concerned about the “shiny” paper. I wish they would have used something that would take highlighting a little better. And what do you know about the Signature Edition. I’ve heard its top grain cowhide and a thicker cut than the calfskin, which would be nice on a more substantial bible like this one.

    Thanks for your great work on the blog. It’s much appreciated.


    • Randy Brown

      Hi Tom. Thanks for the kind comments. I have tried my color-pencils. It doesn’t take color as well as other wide-margin Bibles. The colors don’t get as dark and bold as I like. The Concord wide-margin takes color much better. I haven’t seen the signature series yet. I plan to buy one for review, but it might be a while before I do.


  11. Jeanette

    I can’t think of what you didn’t cover and I am soooooo grateful. I’ve only owned one bible in the last 25 years so I am fairly sure that this purchase is likely to be my second and last bible and so banking on finding a comprehensive review was critical. Yours was more than I could ask for. I thank you for investing the time.

    • Randy Brown

      Thanks Jeanette! I appreciate it!

  12. Betsy Greenaker

    I know I’m late to the game on this one but after some of my criticisms of LCBP’s flaws primarily gutter cockling due to signatures sewn too tight,ink that faded on some pages, etc.I only thought it fair to report something good.
    Not just good, fantastic! Today I received my Notetakers bible in the burgundy Signature edition. It is absolutely beautiful! The leather is soft, and quite sumptuous and smell wonderful. There is a pink under gold art gilding that is quite elegant and very unexpected as there was no mention of that in the product description.
    The inside has nice large, but not overly so, type that’s dark and very legible. The paper quality and line matching are superb. Also there is minimal ghosting on the pages. There is ample room for note taking, much more than my Cambridge Wide Margin.
    This edition rivals my Schuyler Westminster edition in terms of quality, it is unbelievably beautiful.
    This edition was manufactured in April of this year and apparently they have made vast improvements to the quality of their bibles.
    Okay, I’m stepping down from my soap box now!


    For $57.00 you simply can’t go wrong. It’s a slam dunk win, win.

  13. Sheila Keith

    What a great review! I have been looking for a good quality, extra-wide margin, KJV Bible for artistic journaling. I love all the good qualities of this Bible, but what is most important to me is the wider width of this un-lined margin, and the paper quality. I need to be able to not only letter with Micron pens, but also draw artwork with high quality color pencils, ink, and thin paints. I am concerned that you said “The paper doesn’t like to take the rich color of color-pencils”. Do you think I would be able to do some blending and shading with my pencils? Also if I have color pencil artwork and writing with Micron pens on both sides of every page will it show through to the other side or is this paper thick enough to prevent that? Thanks again for the wonderful review…I look forward to your response!

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Sheila. I’ve seen the beautiful artwork that you’re talking about but I haven’t tried it myself. It does take color pencil… just not as well as a Cambridge wide margin. I’ve written with black Pigma Micron and the bleed-through isn’t bad. I’ll have to try this and get back with you.

    • Sheila Keith

      Thank you!

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Sheila. Sorry for taking so long to get back with you. The colors do blend fairly well (better than I expected) and they don’t show through. The Pigma Microns do show through more than I’ve seen in other journaling Bibles.

  14. Paul D Bramsen

    Do you have this wide margin Bible (LCBP Note Taker’s Bible ) in New King James or ESV? If you do I want it!

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Paul. LCBP only produces Bibles in KJV.

  15. Kathy

    So disappointed that the words of Christ are not in red.



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