Miklal Software Solutions’Authorized KJV Bible for Kindle is a simple, easy to use Bible for Kindle. The text is the 1769 edition and looks really nice. The layout is in paragraph format, which makes it very readable.

One thing I really like is that is shows the chapter number along with the verse number. With Bibles on the Kindle it can sometimes be difficult for me to figure out what chapter I’m reading in if I don’t remember from the last time I read. Having the chapter numbers with the verse numbers solves this problem and doesn’t distract from reading in any way. It actually helps me to find the verses because with more numbers they stand out a little more than most Bibles in paragraph format.

Of course the main purpose of the chapter numbers is for easy navigation and this Bible is easy to navigate. To navigate to a specific verse, start typing to open the FIND box. Type the name of the book followed by a space, the chapter number followed by a space, and the verse number followed by a space. So, in order to go to John 1:1, type John 1 1. Various locations will appear on the screen and you can select the one you want.

What I like the most about Miklal Software Solutions King James Version Bible for Kindle is its simplicity. I find most Bibles on Kindle to be difficult to navigate, but this KJV is one of the best. The Table of Contents has a link so you can jump to the NT before you have to scroll through all of the OT books. This makes it so easy to get to a NT book. Many Bibles on Kindle make you scroll through all of the OT books before you can see the NT books. Rather than having the chapters after the book name, you navigate to the book, and then you can choose a chapter. This gets the chapters out of the Table of Contents, making navigation through the Table of Contents much faster.

Miklal Software Solutions has another winner with the King James Version Bible for Kindle. This KJV shines in both price and quality. It’s easy to read and easy to navigate, which makes reading the Bible on the Kindle an enjoyable experience.


Miklal Software Solutions provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.