The blue calf split NLT Pitt Minion has released and I wanted to share some photos and thoughts on this edition. I’ve reviewed the NLT Pitt Minion in goatskin, you can see that review for internal and size details. The copyright for the text is 2007.

The blue on this is bright. It stands out a little bit more than most blue editions that I’ve seen. The calf split has a slightly rougher feel and a more pebbly grain than the goatskin edition. I love the look and feel of this leather. It has the same black paste-down liner, but it’s a little harder to open. Of course it just came out of the box so hopefully it will break in with use.

The text on the spine is printed in gold. It also has gold gilt, one blue ribbon, and blue head/tail bands. The blue calf split Pitt Minion in NLT is an excellent addition to the Pitt Minion line. I hope Cambridge produces other editions in blue. I’d also like to see other colors as well, but this is a great start.

For more information about the NLT Pitt Minion see my review of the goatskin editionĀ here.

You can purchase the NLT Pitt Minion in blue calf split leather at Amazon (contains affiliate link, although I think it’s out of stock at the moment). You can also get it from Evangelical Bible.

Photography by hannah C brown