The Cambridge Concord is one of my all-time favorite Bibles and it’s one of the Bibles I use the most. It’s available in regular size, personal size, and wide margin. The regular size is great for carrying, reading, and preaching. The personal size is ideal for travel. The wide margin is ideal for personal study. In this video review, I compare 6 different editions of the Concord to help you determine if this edition is right for you and which edition would suit your purposes the best.

My personal favorite and the one I use the most is the regular edition. I like both calf split and goatskin. I find the calf split easier to carry around and not worry about wear. I love the overall size. It’s almost like a thinline and the dark font makes it easy to read. It’s a great choice for an all-arounder.

You can purchase the Cambridge Concord at Amazon.

Cambridge Concord Video Review


  • KJV
  • Current editions include calf split leather with paste-down liner or edge-lined goatskin
  • Sewn binding
  • Translators to the Reader
  • Epistle Dedicatory
  • Available in regular size, personal size, and wide margin
  • Black or red letter
  • 6.5 point font (personal size), 9 point (regular edition), 8 point (wide margin)
  • Semi bold
  • 30+gsm paper
  • around 44k center column references and footnotes using the Bold Reference System
  • 7 page glossary
  • 128 page dictionary
  • 137 page concordance
  • 15 Maps with index
  • 1-2 ribbons
  • Red and black head and tail bands
  • Gold or art gilt
  • Printed and bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed

Cambridge Concord Written Reviews

For reference, here are the Concord reviews in the order they were published including their model numbers to help compare the differences:

You can purchase the Cambridge Concord at Amazon.

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