There’s an interesting new Bible project on Kickstarter called The Bible Beautiful.


Noticing how visually oriented our culture has become the founders of Alabaster, Bryan Chung and Brian Chung (yes, they have the same name) are designing a Bible for today. Wanting people to see God as the ultimate creator and artist they are creating a Bible that integrates imagery, typography and layout design within the biblical text. They are using photographic images, the majority of which were created specifically for this project after in-depth study of the scriptures.


They are starting with the four gospels, each in it’s own book.  Each gospel will be

  • 7.5″ x 9.5″
  • 96 pages
  • 100# covers with 80# uncoated interior paper
  • NLT (chosen for modern language without sacrificing true meaning)

Bryan and Brian are hoping these books will not only give Christians a new way to experience God but that they will be a way to encourage the spiritually curious (who may be intimidated by a large book of nothing but words) to read the Bible.


I think these are beautiful. I can see where these would help people who think more in pictures than words process the Scriptures. (Much like art journaling does). I’m hoping these will do well and that the book of Acts isn’t too far away.


They plan for these to ship in April 2017. A pledge of $25 will reserve you a copy of a single gospel while a pledge of $75 or more will get you the complete set. The campaign is already completely funded but doesn’t end until October 7th. If you want to reserve a copy of The Bible Beautiful you will want to head to Kickstarter before then.