There are a lot of interesting Bible releases for October 2017. Randy and I are going to be very busy with reviews.

Please keep in mind I’m using the most current information I have available. Things happen (good and bad) and release dates get moved both directions with little advance notice sometimes. I welcome corrections and additions and this post will be updated during the month of October 2017 if new information becomes available.

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Journaling Bibles

Christian Art Publications has a new journaling Bible called the My Promise Bible. It’s a wide margin KJV Bible with nearly 400 line art illustrations in 52 Bible promise themes and bonus items to color included. It’s original ship date was October but they’ve released them early and started shipping September 28th. (review here)

Early in October Zondervan will have the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Teen Girls. It’s an illustrated journaling Bible based on this one but with teen friendly cover options and 100 extra illustrations drawn specifically for teen girls.

At the same time Zondervan will release the NIV Journal the Word Bible for Teen Girls.  They have added hundreds of teen focused journaling prompts that encourage reflection and response to the Journal the Word journaling Bible while still leaving lots of room to write and draw.

Crossway has the ESV Illuminated Bible Art Journal Edition releasing in late October. This is a wide margin single column edition with over 500 gold ink illustrations by artist Dana Tanamachi. All four of the cover styles will also feature gold ink. (review coming)

Study Bibles

Early in October (which is Pastor Appreciation Month) Holman is releasing the CSB Pastor’s Bible. This bible features a single column layout, large type, and wide margins. It includes helps for special services, articles by church leaders, and extensive tools. (Randy’s review here)

Around the same time Holman is also releasing their CSB Essential Teen Study Bible in personal size with a variety of covers to chose from.  It is filled with hundreds of study helps and 146 devotions written especially for teens.

Many of Chuck Swindoll’s pastoral insights and biblical studies have been included in the NLT Swindoll Study Bible.  The notes are written in a very personal style designed to encourage faith and draw you deeper into a study of God’s Word. Tyndale will be releasing this mid-October. (Randy’s review here)

The Global Impact Bible from Museum of the Bible and Worthy Publishing is due out in the middle of the month. It’s a study Bible with over 900 articles that trace 7 major Biblical themes and show the deep impact, historical significance, and global influence the Bible has had on the world. (review here)

Also due out in the middle of the month is the ESV Reformation Study Bible Condensed from the Reformation Trust. It is single column and has a carefully selected condensed version of the notes from The Reformation Study Bible to make it more convenient for study on the go.

The ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible has shipped ahead of it’s original October release date. It is double column, paragraph format, and features over 400 summaries and 25 longer articles discussing important theological topics.  (Randy’s review here)

Tyndale is releasing some it’s most popular study Bibles in a new format, deluxe linen hardcover editions with keepsake slipcases. The Life Application Study Bible NLT came out this month (review coming) and the Illustrated Study Bible NLT  one is due out early October (review coming). They will also be doing the Life Application Study Bible in NIV but no specific release date is available yet.

Reader’s Bibles

The NIV Reader’s Bible from Zondervan is in single-column black text and has removed all chapter and verse numbers. References have been moved to the top of each page and footnotes moved to the end of each book to give you a more seamless reading experience. It will release October 10th.(Randy’s review here)

The NLT Catholic Holy Bible Reader’s Edition releases midmonth. This Bible from Tyndale is in double column paragraph format and includes book introductions to aid personal study and the deuterocanonical books. (review coming)

Zondervan’s NIV The Sola Scriptura Bible Project will release near the end of October. This 4-volume set is the complete Bible and has removed modern distractions like chapter and verse numbers, references, and red lettering.  The Old Testament is divided into three volumes (the Torah, the Former and Latter Prophets, and the Writings) following the traditional Hebrew shaping of the Scriptures. The New Testament is reorganized, placing each of the four Gospels as sectional heads.(Randy’s review here)

Other Bibles

The Schuyler Personal Size Quentel in ESV  is due in late October (it might be November). It is a scaled down version of the standard Quentel complete with premium leather cover options, art-gilt edging, line matching and all the other quality features you expect from Schuyler.

One September release (that didn’t make the last post) I want to be sure and let everyone know about is the NRSV Reference Bible from Cambridge. It’s available with or without the Apocrypha, in both hardback and Black French Morocco Leather. Calfskin and goatskin covers are coming but no specific date is available yet.

The KJV Kids Bible from Holman is due out at the beginning of October. This kid friendly bible has 40 full-color pages of  study helps and maps, easy-to-read type, and a Bible skills checklist. It is designed to grow with your kids as they grow in Christ.

The Passion Translation New Testament from Broadstreet Publishing will release at the end October. It will contain Psalms, Proverbs, and the Song of Solomon as well as the entire New Testament. I don’t know much about this translation. I do know that the lead translator is Dr. Brian Simmons and that they looked at Aramaic texts as supplements when translating from the Greek. Also be aware this is mostly a thought-for-thought translation (and may even be more of a paraphrase).

Church Bible Publishers will have the Notetakers Bible (Red Letter Edition) ready to ship by October 13th.

I just (10/4/17) became aware of a few more Bibles from Crossway coming in October. The additional releases are the ESV Following Jesus Bible (Paperback), the ESV Personal Reference Bible in either (TruTone®, Olive, Celtic Cross Design) or (TruTone®, Deep Brown/Tan, Trail Design), and the ESV Wide Margin Reference Bible (Hardcover).  These are new editions of already in production Bibles and the links will take you to for more information.

Final Thoughts

We look forward to seeing and using several of these Bibles. We’ll get our reviews up as quickly as life alllows. Is there one of these you’ve been looking forward to? Did you find a new one to add to your list of possible purchases? Let us know in the comments.

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