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E-Readers and Bible Study

I’ve always liked gadgets, and I especially like gadgets that allow me to carry 1500-3500 books that look like paper, have adjustable fonts, and contain excellent Bible study material. There are many Bibles and Bible study resources available for both Kindle and nook (as well as Sony E-Reader, Borders Kobo, etc) at great prices. For example, you can buy the ESV Study Bible for around $10.00. That’s a major savings over buying a hard copy. Both machines will start a book where you left off, no matter how many books you are reading. Also, you start where you left off no matter which device you were reading on. For example, if you read using the Kindle, and then use the Kindle application for your PC, you start at the same place you left off. I like this feature because I’m always losing my place in a book. Both machines have annotation and highlighting features, so you can make notes in your books. The Kindle will let you see notes that others have made and shared. Also, you can’t see through the paper like you can in print Bibles, making the text much clearer than printed Bibles. Both e-readers are amazing Bible study machines. Both contain many reference works, Bibles, devotionals, and books on every Biblical topic. Both e-readers are great at reading PDF files. I have dozens of Bible...

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BibleWorks 8 Part 3: Deepening Your Bible Study

BibleWorks 8 contains a vast wealth of study tools that allows you to study the Scriptures more deeply in much less time than the old fashioned way. This goes for preparing sermons and classes too. I highly recommend BibleWorks 8 for Pastors, teachers, writers, etc, but even more than that BibleWorks 8 can help anyone dig deeper into God’s Word. Deep Bible study requires quality study tools. When I study the Bible I like to have all of my books (lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, other study Bibles, concordances, etc) on the table with me, I have one Bible in front of me, another Bible next to me (to give me the references so I don’t have to keep going back and forth for my next reference), all of my pens and pencils handy, and my notebook next to my Bible. BibleWorks 8 gives you all of these things on one screen. BibleWorks 8 also makes each tool easier and faster to use than the old fashioned way, and when I’m done I can print my work or publish to the web. How does BibleWorks 8 deepen your Bible study? The short answer is the sheer number of tools and the speed of using them. BibleWorks 8 contains dictionaries, commentaries, topical lists, lexicons, and more, that are linked to the verse, passage, or word you select. When you select a word,...

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BibleWorks 8 part 2 – Favorite Features

BibleWorks 8 is a vast program that heightens the quality of your Bible study through word analysis, parallel comparisons with other Bible versions, commentaries, and more. I’ve been using my free review copy for a few weeks now and I wanted to write a follow-up review and cover some of my favorite features that I’ve used so far. There are many excellent features in BibleWorks 8, so this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but this will show how I’ve been using BibleWorks 8 and what I’ve found to be most useful so far. Analysis Holding the mouse curser over a word and holding the shift key keeps the information about that word in the analysis window. The analysis includes the Strong’s number, an in-depth definition of the word in its original language, Matthew Henry’s commentary, and the Geneva Bible notes. I use the definitions the most, but it is nice having notes and commentary to refer to, especially for difficult passages. Copy and Paste Since I use BibleWorks 8 for writing it is important to me how copy and paste works. Many Bible software packages do not allow for clean copy and paste of the text because they add their own formatting when you paste. BibleWorks 8 allows you to have full control over the format and how you paste. You can choose how copy and paste works...

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BibleWorks 8 Part 1- First Impressions

Review by Randy A Brown of Studies In Scripture BibleWorks 8 is software for exegetical Bible study for Windows. BibleWorks gives you the tools to do your own research; it’s just a lot faster and more efficient than looking it up the old fashioned way. It’s much easier to study with all of these resources just a mouse-click away. I don’t lose my train of thought because of taking so long to find a definition or comment. The amount of space that is saved when compared to physical books is amazing. That might not be an issue for some, but it is an issue for me. I’m out of space in my small home, so for me software is the better choice for Bible study. It also has the advantage of copy and paste, which is great for writing essays and sermon outlines, and for taking notes. This makes BibleWorks 8 an excellent research and writing tool. BibleWorks 8 has the feel of high-end software, much like Photoshop, and is just about as complex. There are other Bible programs out there, just as there are other photo editing programs out there, but, just like Photoshop, there is no real substitute. Nothing does what BibleWorks does as good as BibleWorks does it. You can use books, pencil, and paper and develop your articles, essays, and sermons, but BibleWorks performs all...

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