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ICRS – Interview with Maureen Pratt Author of Don’t Panic!

At ICRS we had the opportunity to interview Maureen Pratt about her book Don’t Panic!: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough, which talks about dealing with crisis. Maureen talks about the various types of crisis that she’s been through, how she dealt with them, and her advice to others in dealing with their own situations. She talks about calling and depending on God, the purpose of crisis, commitment, building spiritual strength, shunning the cloak of victim, and much more. Don’t Panic! is a well-written book and is recommended for anyone going through a crisis of any kind. The book is available in...

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The Ark Encounter – Interview with Tim Chaffey

At the Ark Encounter I interviewed several scientists and a designer. The designer was Tim Chaffey. Tim Chaffey’s training is in theology and he is the content manager for the Ark Encounter. He wrote the wording for all of the signage, the video scripts, We talked about species, the interior layout of the ark, the interior garden and food storage, the animal cages, daily life on the ark, the size of the ark, the design of the exterior, the materials used, how God could have prepared Noah, ancient ship building, how the ark answers the skeptics, and what’s coming...

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Sneak Peek – Inspire Bible: Large Print Edition

I just received my pre-release review copy of Tyndale’s Inspire Bible: Large Print Edition. The first creative journaling Bible to be offered in large print it’s noticeably larger than the standard edition with larger text, larger illustrations, and more room for drawing. Some will probably think it’s a little large for carrying though. Other than the cover changing color (a little more blue than aqua) it seems to be the same Bible just bigger. We will have a full review, a various mediums in this Bible post, and maybe even a video review up before it’s September 8th release....

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The Ark Encounter – Interview with Dr. Georgia Purdom

At the Ark Encounter I interviewed several scientists and a designer. One of those scientists was Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom has a PhD in molecular genetics and she is a research geneticist at Answers in Genesis. We talked about bone biology and the lack of transitional forms, the number of animals on the ark, why animals can’t change from one kind to another, mutations, dinosaurs on the ark, ark exhibits (the ice age, Tower of Babel, etc.), and lots more. Here’s the audio (sorry for it being in two sections – I missed part of the audio):

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The Ark Encounter – Interview with Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson

At the Ark Encounter I got to interview several scientists and a designer. One of the scientist was Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson. Dr. Jeanson has a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology and is a research biologist for Answers in Genesis. We talked about The Origin of Species and how DNA is the physical basis for inheritance, and how the species originate. He talks about a genetic signature that shows a bottle-neck down to 8 people. He also talks about the difference in species and kinds. He points out that no animal can change into a different kind of animal,...

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