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Truth Revealed About the Ark Encounter Tax Usage

I asked Ken Ham last Tuesday about what the media has been saying about the Ark Encounter being tax funded. He said that it was privately funded but it will have tax incentives just like any attraction in KY would. Today his blog at Answers in Genesis posted an article titled The Truth Revealed About the Ark Encounter Tourism Tax Incentive Rebate where he discusses his conversation with some of those media. You can listen to the conversation there. The BBG crew will pay another visit to the Ark Encounter this coming Tuesday July 5th. We will interview Ken Ham...

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ICRS Ark Encounter Media Visit

Today we visited the Ark Encounter and talked with Ken Ham. I knew the ark was big but it’s hard to imagine it. Even though I expected it to be big I was surprised at just how big the ark is. For today’s visit we went to the ark but we didn’t get to go inside. We did get to interview Ken Ham.┬áNext week we’ll come back and go inside and interview Ken Ham again as well as several Creation Scientists. I’ve included the interview in audio. This was an outside interview and the audio suffers a little from...

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