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ESV Women’s Devotional Bible from Crossway – Review

There will always be a need for devotional Bibles that are targeted to a specific audience. One such Bible is Crossway’s ESV Women’s Devotional Bible. There are many different types of devotional Bibles. Some are focused on daily devotions, and they’re not much use as a regular Bible. Others have devotional articles placed...

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Giveaway: ESV Single Column Legacy Heirloom Edition in Black Goatskin from Crossway

BBG’s first Bible giveaway is sponsored by Crossway. I’ve mentioned this several times already and many of you have signed up. Here are more details of this giveaway. For this giveaway, Crossway has provided an Heirloom edition in the Single Column Legacy.   UPDATE: Drawing has now ended. Thank you to those who...

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Single Column Legacy Heirloom Comparisons

Crossway’s Single Column Legacy is the latest edition to receive the Heirloom treatment. Here are some photos’s that compare it to other Bibles in goatskin or similar sizes. These photos compare it to Crossway’s original Single Column Legacy, Cambridge ESV Clarion and Concord, R.L. Allan Longprimer, and Schuyler...

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Crossway’s ESV Single Column Legacy Heirloom Edition – Review

Crossway’s ESV Single Column Legacy Heirloom Edition – Review Crossway’s Heirloom series holds to a much higher level of premium, bringing them into the area of RL Allan, Schuyler, and Cambridge goatskin editions. They all have one key element in common – Jongbloed. The Single-column Legacy is the latest Bible to receive the...

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Review of the Crossway ESV Black Pew and Worship Bible

By Matthew Everhard               It’s not every day that one buys a traditional “Pew Bible.” Let alone 100 or more Pew Bibles. When I purchased the ESV Pew and Worship Bible in black hardback for my congregation (250 of them if I recall) I hoped it would be the first and last time that I made such a voluminous acquisition. After...

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Treasuring the Word – Rare Bible & Book Museum

Oct 08, 14 Treasuring the Word – Rare Bible & Book Museum

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For our 25th anniversary we went to a Bible museum in Sevierville TN called Treasuring the Word – Rare Bible & Book Museum. I love museums and this one after my own heart. It has both originals and facsimiles, though most were originals. Sorry for the shadows. I am not showing everything here. You’ll just have to...

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