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Clash Of The Titans! The Largest Print Wide Margin Bibles on the market

I love wide margin Bibles. I also love Local Church Bible Publishers. I also love world renowned Derek Jones’ video reviews. I’ve been curious about two of their wide margin editions. I have the 400, and I have the 180, but I’ve never seen the wide margin version of the 180: the 390. So what do I do? I asked Derek...

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Harper Collins Study Bible – from around the Web

Matt Sherro has written an extensive review of the Harper Collins Study Bible. As Matt explains, it’s a general reference Bible that tends to go toward the Historical-Critical Method of Textual Criticism, also known as higher criticism. I found the review as interesting as it is detailed. You can read the review here: Harper...

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TBS Westminster KJV in Black Hard Cover – Quick Look

I am a fan of the TBS Westminster. I’ve reviewed both the TBS calfskin edition and the Schuyler goatskin edition, and I love them both. You can see those reviews for more detail about the text and its impressive features. You can buy it directly from TBS here: Westminster Reference Bible (black hardback). I love the Jongbloed...

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Crossway ESV Children’s Bible Review

Crossway’s ESV Children’s Bible is marketed for kids from 5-10 years old. It contains features aimed toward that age-group, but still has quality features such as Smyth sewn, opaque paper, and consistent print. This Bible has a lot going for it. Even though it’s a children’s Bible, it’s not a childish Bible. I think this Bible...

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Why Cambridge Should Bring Back the Turquoise KJV

Now that I’ve seen it I know what the fuss is all about One of the most sought after Bibles among the Bible collecting crowd is the Cambridge Turquoise, or Presentation Reference. I had heard about this Bible for a while and finally got the chance to own a piece of history when I saw one on eBay. This one is a WWII vet with a 1946...

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BibleWorks 10 is Here!

Apr 21, 15 BibleWorks 10 is Here!

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I’ve been a BibleWorks user since the 90’s. It’s an amazing program for Bible study – especially in the original languages. It’s the app that I use for all of my writing (all books, blogs, sermon outlines, etc.). Well, now BibleWorks 10 is here with even more features! Here’s a quick list of...

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Cambridge Concord Wide Margin KJV in Goatskin – Video Review

I’ve been a fan of Derek Jones’ Bible reviews for years. I’m also a fan of the Cambridge Concord Wide Margin. In his video review for the Bible Exchange he takes a look at the goatskin...

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Cambridge Personal Concord KJV – Review

The Personal Cambridge Concord is a smaller version of one of Cambridge’s most popular KJV’s: the Concord. This one has all the tools of the regular edition, but is that a good idea in such a small package? Something that little can’t be readable or useful can it? I’ve used this Bible for about two months now, putting that...

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