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Collins KJV Reference Bible in Genuine Morocco

I wanted to show off my latest used bookstore find: a Collins KJV reference Bible in genuine morocco. It’s about the size of the Concord. The paper is more opaque and has a cream tone that I love (like an Allan Longprimer). The font is slightly larger than the Concord. It looks like a 9-point to me with a 10-point leading. The text...

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Crossway ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible – Review

Crossway’s Large Print Personal Size Bible with 12-point font and red-letter is a good trade-off between size and features. The size and font make it a great choice for a reading Bible. The edition I’m reviewing is mahogany TruTone. Pros Line matching Text is sharp and semi-bold Cons No maps Paper could be more opaque Features 2011...

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Crossway’s Large Print Personal Size ESV Bible – Unboxing

Here are my unboxing photos of Crossway’s Large Print Personal Size Bible that I received today. The full review is coming...

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Bible Overview from Rose Publishing – Review

Mar 16, 14 Bible Overview from Rose Publishing – Review

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Bible Overview from Rose Publishing gives an overview of each section and book of the Bible, providing information similar to a study Bible only in more detail. The version I’m reviewing is the PDF. This file has the advantage of being printable. Rose Publishing allows you to reproduce up to 300 copies for classroom use. The...

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A Look at the Interior of Crossway’s Upcoming Wide Margin Reference ESV Bible

As you might know I am a fan of wide-margin Bibles. One wide-margin edition that I’m looking forward to is Crossway’s Wide-Margin Reference Bible. Crossway has provided a preview (available here as a PDF) of their upcoming wide-margin reference Bible (due in June, 2014). Here are my thoughts on the layout. All of the standard...

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Should We Hack the Bible?

A recent article in Christianity Today, titled Hacking the Bible, discusses the use of technology to pick and choose verses from 30 translations and placing them together to build your own version. This means that everyone, with no knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, can build their own translation. Everyone from common people, to...

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Coming Soon – ESV Reader’s Bible from Crossway – available for preorder

            Due to release June 30th is Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Bible. The focus of this Bible is reading. It does not include chapter or verse numbers in the text (they are placed at the top of the page for reference). The list price is $44.99. It is available for preorder for $30.36 from...

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Note-Takers, Concord, and Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin Bibles Compared

One of the most popular questions that I’ve gotten is to make comparisons between the LCBP Note-Takers, Cambridge Concord Wide Margin, and the RL Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin KJVs. I decided to share my latest response including a few photos. The Bibles are: LCBP 2nd Edition Note-Takers in Ironed Calfskin, Cambridge...

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Vintage Zondervan Longprimer

Charles Jackson recently obtained this beautiful Zondervan Imperial Longprimer. Here is his thoughts and the photos he shared. My thanks to Charles for this article.                   This is a Longprimer from the Zondervan Imperial Bible line. It is a vintage edition from the 60’s or 70’s. I am not sure of the specific year....

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The Bible on Kindle Fire

Feb 15, 14 The Bible on Kindle Fire

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The Kindle Fire is a tablet from Amazon that runs on the Android operating system with Amazon’s GUI on top (don’t worry about the tech stuff. It just means it has a solid OS). It’s got some great features and a great platform. What makes it great for Bible study? Glad you asked. There are three good ways to study the Bible using...

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The Schuyler Quentel NASB is now available from

The Schuyler Quentel NASB looks like an amazing Bible. It has a nice print and the best paper available. It truly sets a new standard in Bible publishing. It is now in stock at Here is the information from their site: Black Goatskin Cover -with HOLY BIBLE on the cover (all other colors do not have HOLY BIBLE...

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American Bible Society Ruby KJV

This American Bible Society Ruby, published in 1953 in Great Britain (that’s funny, I don’t care who you are), is a real gem (sorry about that. It couldn’t be helped). It’s pocket sized, has a sharp black-letter pronouncing text, amazing paper, maps, art-gilt, a ribbon, and best of all a goatskin (real morocco) cover. I found this...

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