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Hendrickson’s KJV Devotional Bible – Review

Hendrickson’s KJV Devotional Bible is not your typical devotional Bible. It pulls from 400 years of writings from 185 authors to give you 400 devotions sprinkled throughout the text. Even though it’s set in verse format, the layout is nicer than normal because poetry is indented, setting it apart from the rest of the text. Pros...

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Thomas Nelson KJV NKJV Parallel Bible – Review

I use the KJV as my primary Bible. Sometimes I want to see a verse or word in a different translation. Parallel Bibles are great for this. You can teach from them and have quick and easy access to a different word that might help you explain the passage. Thomas Nelson’s KJV/NKJV Parallel Bible is an excellent Bible for comparing...

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KJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, Large Print, Hardcover on sale at Christianbook

Christianbook has the KJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, Large Print, Hardcover on sale for $21.99. Here’s my review of the KJV Thompson in Kirvella Here’s the LCBP edition. This is an excellent price and it would be a great addition to your...

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Schuyler Bibles’ Quentel NASB Bible: The Very Best You Can Get

In a world where quality continues to plummet, Schuyler Bibles has set a new standard of excellence both in product and service. If I managed a Bible publisher I would definitely pay close attention to Schuyler Bibles. So what makes a Schuyler Quentel so great? There are a few answers to that question, and to show why the Quentel...

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Holman Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible KJV in Brown Cowhide Indexed – Review

Holman’s Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible is a KJV that is easy to carry and hold but still has a large enough print for comfortable reading. This edition has brown genuine cowhide with thumb-index. Pros Hand size Large print Soft leather Cons Very few translation notes Not enough references Features KJV Brown Cowhide...

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Bible Giveaway – ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible in Black Goatskin

For BBG’s first Bible giveaway I have teamed up with Crossway Publishing to give away an ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible in black goatskin. To enter just sign up for our newsletter. I will be receiving this Bible in a few weeks (release date is 9/30/2014). I will write a review and take a few photos (while handling it...

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Complete Jewish Bible/NIV 2011 Side by Side Reference Bible: An Interesting Paraphrase meets English’s dominant Version.

Around 2008, I was in Berean (now Lifeway) Christian Store and found a most interesting book on the shelf, one of those one of these things is not like the other books that grabbed my attention and insisted that it come home with me. It was called the Complete Jewish Bible. It was not at all what I expected and that is neither bad...

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How to Read the Bible Book by Book – Review

Aug 10, 14 How to Read the Bible Book by Book – Review

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How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart is a companion and continuation of the book How to Read the Bible for All its Worth. This book goes deeper into each book of the Bible in a unique way. Most books that cover all of the books of the Bible serve as a Bible survey- giving the information that students...

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ESV Daily Reading Bible from Crossway – Review

Daily reading Bibles are a great resource for keeping you on track for reading the Bible through in a year. Crossway’s ESV Daily Reading Bible does just that and it follows the M’Cheyne reading plan. Pros Separated into daily readings 9.5 font Nice paper Cons Not sewn Edges not gilted Features 2011 ESV text 9.5 font Black letter...

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Schuyler Quentel ESV Available for Preorder

Preorder started today for Schuyler’s Quentel ESV. Ship date will be somewhere between October and November. This Bible includes a great set of features that we’ve come to expect from Schuyler, including: 11 point font 38 gsm paper 80,000 cross references art gilting 32 pages of maps black text with red highlights It...

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AW Tozer (KJV) and the Pursuit of God Bible (NIV) from Hendrickson Publishers

Before I get into my review there are some disclaimers: 1. Aiden Wilson Tozer was a pastor in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, a Charismatic Denomination. I am neither promoting or detracting charismatic denominations; rather I am trying to be up front and honest with you. 2. I purchased this Bible at my own expense and this...

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R. L. Allan Brevier Clarendon – Review

I previously reviewed RL Allan’s wide margin edition of the Brevier Clarendon, so I thought it would be nice to take a look at the regular edition. This is a true hand-size Bible with enough punch to serve as a primary Bible for both the layman and the minister. The edition I’m reviewing is the brown Vachetta calfskin – 10CBR. Pros...

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How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – Review

Jul 20, 14 How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – Review

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One common complaint that I often hear people is the difficulty in understanding the Bible. Reading is easy, but understanding what they read is another story. We tell them to understand the Bible literally, but then they come across something that is obviously not to be taken literal. Then they face the many types of genres and...

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Lockman Giveaway this Weekend

This weekend Lockman is giving away a new NASB & Amplified Parallel Bible. Saturday they will post a question on their Facebook page and randomly pick a winner on Sunday. Here’s the page: The Lockman Foundation Facebook Page...

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