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TBS Comfort Text Bible – Review

The TBS Comfort Text is a licensed reprint of the Collins Iona Clear Type Octavo from 1957. It’s a text-only KJV in hard cover with 2 ribbons. It comes in black or brown. I’m reviewing the brown which has two brown ribbons to fit the color scheme. ISBN: 9781862283473. Binding The Comfort Text is a hard cover edition that’s covered...

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One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies – Review

One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies is a book that harmonizes and merges the Gospels in chronological order with a major focus on fulfilled prophecy. The goal was to merge the story of the life of Jesus into a single volume and include Old Testament prophecies showing that Jesus is the Messiah. There are two different editions:...

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Passio’s Personal Size Large Print MEV Bible – Review

The large print personal size Bible is a staple in the Bible publishing industry. In my opinion every publisher and translation needs a Bible in this format. The format lends itself well for carry, reading, and preaching, without bogging the Biblical text down with lots of features that readers can get elsewhere. The focus is often...

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Three Classic Cambridge KJV’s – Concord, Large Print Text, and Cameo

Here’s a quick comparison between three of my favorite Cambridge KJV’s: Concord, Large Print Text, and Cameo. The Concord and Cameo both have 8-point fonts. The Large Print Text has a 10-point. I love all three equally and use them for different purposes. I’ve preach from all three and all three are great in the...

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For the Joy Set Before Us – Review

Nov 05, 15 For the Joy Set Before Us – Review

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I enjoy books written by missionaries about the missionary life. There’s something about the work that intrigues me. I love and appreciate the stories, the hardships, the methods, and the cost. For the Joy Set Before Us – insights into the missionary journey is a book about missionary work by a missionary to Uganda – Erica Fye. She...

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Crossway’s ESV Men’s Devotional Bible – Review

Crossway’s ESV Men’s Devotional Bible was designed specifically to strengthen and encourage men through Scripture, devotions, and articles to make a spiritual and moral transformation. There are over 50 contributors that include Christian leaders, pastors, and professors. It uses the 2011 ESV text. In this review I take a look at...

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Preaching and Teaching From a Tablet

For quite a while now I’ve been thinking about using a tablet for preaching. Not as a printed Bible replacement – I still want a printed Bible, but as a sermon notebook. I like the idea of having my sermon on a tablet ready to go. A tablet could make a great sermon notebook. I decided to give it a try. Here’s an overview of...

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Kirkbride NKJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible Review

The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is one of the oldest study Bibles on the market. The first edition, and KJV, was printed in 1908. It’s considered a complete Bible reference library in one volume, but what’s interesting is it does this without having any commentary. Instead it has lists of topics and chain references throughout...

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