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Free Book – What I Wish I’d Known

Apr 02, 15 Free Book – What I Wish I’d Known

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Here’s the new free book just released today from Faithlife. It’s called What I Wish I’d Known and it’s written by some of the most influential women in Christian ministry such as Kay Arthur, June Hunt, Liz Curtis Higgs, Gwen Smith, Kasey Van Norman, Heidi St. John, Margaret Feinberg and many others. You can find the book at...

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Thomas Nelson NKJV Study Bible – Review

Thomas Nelson’s full-color NKJV study Bible, the 2nd edition, is a rival to the other popular full-color study Bibles that have hit the market in the past few years. The NKJV Study Bible has been out for several years but it is now updated with color photos, charts, features, and expanded articles. Pros Lots of color charts and...

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Review of Cambridge Concord Reference KJV in Black Calf Split

Review of Cambridge Concord Reference KJV in Black Calf Split By Matthew Everhard “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” So says the famous automobile advertisement. In every field and market, there exists a tension between the ancient and the modern. The time-honored and the cutting edge. There is a perpetual tug-of-war between...

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Holman KJV Ultrathin Reference Bible – Review

Ultrathin reference Bibles are a staple in the market. If they have the right quality of tools they can be that one Bible that does everything: carry, reading, preaching, teaching, and even sermon or class prep. In this review I take a look at Holman’s KJV Ultrathin Reference Bible and see if it can be that one, Jack of all trades...

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Cambridge and Crossway ESV Wide Margin Bible Comparisons

  Both Cambridge and Crossway offer excellent wide margin editions of the ESV. Here are a few photos to compare the layouts between them, and I’ve thrown in the Single Column Legacy just to make your choices more difficult You’re welcome! The primary differences are: Single Column Legacy – 9-point font, no...

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Cambridge ESV Wide Margin Bible in Goatskin – Review

A wide margin Bible is the best Bible anyone can own. It’s an instant study Bible – just add study. Instead of having someone else’s study, a wide margin Bible lets you have a Bible with your own notes. Cambridge’s wide margin Bibles are perfect for this. In this review I put Cambridge’s top of the line ESV Wide Margin Bible in...

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