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Thomas Nelson Preaching Bible Sneak Peek

I visited the Thomas Nelson headquarters in Nashville, TN last Friday to chat with Nikki Getman and Daniel Marrs about Bibles. I was able to see the Preaching Bible in both KJV and NKJV in both covers. I was impressed with these Bibles. Here are my photos and a video interview with them. The Bibles are scheduled to release in January 2019.

You can see them at Amazon (includes affiliate link).

Features Include:

  • Verse-by-verse layout
  • Comfort Print
  • 11.5-point font
  • Premium thick paper
  • Black or brown calfskin binding with edge-lined liner
  • 3 satin ribbons
  • The NKJV has a few lined pages


The NKJV has a few lined pages in the back. The KJV does not include them.

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Fr. Matthew Thurman

    The fifth photo down shows some lined pages. Are these in both KJV and NKJV editions? How many lined pages total are there? Where are they placed within the Bible?

    • Randy A Brown

      They’re only in the NKJV. They’re in the back. I’m not sure of the number, but it isn’t a lot. Maybe 6-8 pages.

  2. Prentiss YeateS

    I think Thomas Nelson has looked over the lane and realized that crossway , shuler, and trinitarian bibles are a competitive force that needed to be addressed. People want quality bibles but often cannot afford a 200$ bible, the kjv/Nkjv preaching bible is under 100.00 and looks to be built a lifetime.

    • Randy A Brown

      I think you’re right. From my conversations with them, they want higher quality but they also want affordable. Their goal is to find the best place where those two meet.

  3. Steve Owen

    Great review! Looks like they took some great cues from Schuyler and will compete with this bible. Great and timely coverage as always Randy. Thank you.

  4. Pastor Keith

    Do you know the dimensions of these?

    • Randy A Brown

      I’m not sure. They’re slightly larger than the Minister’s Bible and about the same size as the Westminster. I’ll ask Thomas Nelson for exact dimensions.

  5. Alexander thomson

    Lovely Bibles, but one big flaw for me – crammed foot-References and not cross-References as in eg NASB Side-Column Reference Bible or the (bizarrely-discontinued) ESV Verse-by-Verse Side-Column Reference Bible orvthe TBS Westminster Reference Bible. I don’t know why this custom, of packing the references away in a bunch at the foot of the page, has apparently become favoured by publishers. And, in a preacher’s Bible, why is there no facing (blank or) underlined page, for notes – or, even better, why is the preacher’s Bible not loose-leaved?

  6. Jim hilbrant

    Hi Randy,my name is Jim hilbrant,I’m a pastor in lake Elsinore calif. I read your comments on the New Nelson Preachers Bible coming out in January. My question is,is the Nkjv bible Smyth sewnI’ve had several copies the last 15 years of the Nelson nkjv hayfords spirit filled bible and the pages always come out. I’m really want to get this Bible,but the binding and the calf skin leather is important to me.thank you for your reviews i really enjoy them.they are always thoughtful and detailed… Thank you

    • Randy A Brown

      Thanks Jim. Yes, it is Smyth sewn. I should have mentioned that in the video.

  7. Emerson

    Looks great and very good for practical use on the pulpit. The In-text subject headings are too distracting for me personally.

  8. Jeff Richard Young

    Randy, thanks for this preview. I don’t think I like the blue color in the headings, etc. Is the blue only for the bibles with the brown cover, or is it in the ones with the black, also? Thanks!

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Jeff. It’s the same text-block for both covers.

  9. roger

    I like the look of the Bible, but I wonder how many pastors actually use a “preaching Bible” separate from their everyday Bible? Thomas Nelson must have done some research and determined this to be true. Most pastors I know, including me, use one Bible with our own notes and highlights, etc. I like the verse-by-verse layout and the binding looks great. Also, I like the blue verse numbers and headings. The print is good looking too. I just think they may have limited their market by calling it a preaching Bible. I would purchase this Bible if it had maps and a concordance, as I would use it as my everyday Bible. Perhaps they will produce a similar “common man” Bible and add some of the features I mentioned. Thanks for the thorough review.

    • Jim hilbrant

      I received my NKJV Preaching bible and I love everything about this Bible. With so many Bibles with the maps and concordance in my library I will use this Bible as my main bible,as well as Preaching and teaching in my church,great job by Thomas Nelson,it will last for many years.

  10. Christopher Lewis

    I just recieved mine in black. I really like the paper and print a lot! I do believe the first page tied to the binding is too thick and is why it wont lay flat in Genesis but I do believe it will break in over time. This is a very nice bible

  11. Anthony baker

    I have always lamented the fact that there were so few options for preachers and pastors. I once met the people from B&H at our national meeting (SBC) and expressed my thoughts. I don’t want other people’s notes – I want to make my own. All I wanted was the text in double-column format, good paper, and genuine leather (and no tiny print). Almost impossible to find, especially at an affordable price. However, as I say that, I’m reminded of what others have paid just to have any copy of Scripture. I shouldn’t complain.

    • Randy A Brown

      I know what you mean. We have an abundance of Bibles when others have little or none, but we still need what we need. I’m glad to see higher quality editions becoming more affordable. I pray this will help the Bible become more plentiful to those who have none.

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