Church Bible Publishers just released their brand new the Platinum Series, This new series uses water buffalo covers with edge-lined cowhide liners made by AA Leather to bring their covers in line with Cambridge, RL Allan, and Schuyler. It’s 100% made in the USA. Currently, the series includes the Note Takers (see the review), Turquoise (see the review), and the Thompson Chain Reference. I previously looked at the prototype Notetakers edition. I now have the actual production version of the Turquoise. The text block is the same as the calfskin edition that I’ve already reviewed (see the review).

The Water Buffalo is darker than the prototype. I love both colors, so it doesn’t bother me that it’s not the same. The grain has a lot of shades of dark brown. I love this grain. It has a nice texture that looks and feels elegant, and it’s rugged at the same time. It’s flexible, but it isn’t so soft that scratches easy or takes the impression of something that sits on top of it like the softer calfskin can.

The edge-line tab isn’t so stiff that it can’t stay open, but it does need to break in before it will stay open on the first page.

The spine is beautiful. It includes 5 raised ribs and HOLY BIBLE, Authorized King James, and CBP stamped in gold.

AA Leather uses their specialized binding method that doesn’t have perimeter stitching. The outer leather doesn’t overlap the liner. Instead, both types of leather meet. The liner is edge-lined cowhide. It has the same elegant texture as the water buffalo.

The Platinum Series has three 3/8″ ribbons and gold/brown head/tail bands. They feel like satin and they are nice.

It has a 5/16″ yapp (overhang) and art-gilt edges. The Platinum series will also include a gift box.

Ending Thoughts

The Water Buffalo leather with cowhide liner is on my short list of all-time favorite covers. It’s a high-quality cover that’s easily on par with RL Allan, Cambridge, Schuyler, etc. The Platinum Series sells for $125. Eventually, the series will be available in more colors and other editions.

I do hope they eventually upgrade their paper. It’s good enough for general use, but it doesn’t match the premium quality paper from the big three. Still, the water buffalo leather is a step in the right direction and it’s one step closer to bring CBP to the full premium range.

This Bible is my personal copy- not a review copy. My opinions are my own and are 100% guaranteed honest.