Miklal Software Solutions Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) for nook and Kindle is a beautiful version of the Hebrew text. Everything is here: all of the consonants, vowels, accent marks, etc., making this a complete rendering of the Leningrad Codex. The Kindle version includes The Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Glossary by Humphrey H. Hardy. This review covers the nook edition.

The text is as nice as every Hebrew text published by Miklal Software Solutions, with crisp and clear fonts that are a joy to read. It compares really well with the printed Hebrew Bible.

Navigation is similar to other MSS products, and includes several navigation options. The first three are standard to nook. The last two are unique and provide creative methods for navigating the nook.

There is a table of contents with hyperlinks to each book of the Bible, following the English order of books. Once you choose a book, you are provided a list of chapters.

Another option is to move the slider in order to navigate to a particular location. This also lets you see the books of the Bible in English order. This feature works really well.

You can also search for a chapter by searching for a book name and chapter number (ex: Psalm 119).

You can also use abbreviations to navigate directly to the verse you want. Just leave out the colon between the verse and chapter (EX: ps 119 105). There is a table included that shows all of the abbreviations.

There are a few limitations with the nook because it will only search forward, so you might have to go to the beginning before you start your search.

Since both e-readers do not support Hebrew, Miklal Software Solutions has done the seemingly impossible by developing a Hebrew Bible for nook and Kindle that reads in the traditional Hebrew format- in reverse order from right to left. Because of this limitation, the Hebrew Bible may not display as well on the e-reader apps as it does on the e-readers themselves. Also, don’t be fooled by the sample you get from Amazon. It does not render the text correctly and does not look like the actual product.

With easy to use but still advanced navigation and clean Hebrew text, I can fully recommend the Hebrew Bible for nook and Kindle from Miklal Software Solutions. It’s another well-made product and another must-own app for Bible study and students of the Hebrew Bible.


Miklal Software Solutions provided this review copy for free. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.