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LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 058

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 055

This Bible review looks at Local Church Bible Publishers’ 390-V Series. Local Church Bible Publishers has a habit of producing high quality Bibles for not much money. This habit continues with the 390-V Series – a text-only wide-margin KJV. With a vinyl cover and a sewn binding, the 390-V is a great Bible for journaling, note-taking, teaching, preaching, reading, travel, or as a practice Bible to help you get ready to write in a more expensive edition.


  • Wide margins
  • Nice readable font
  • Sewn binding
  • Amazing price


  • None at this price


  • KJV
  • Vinyl cover
  • Sewn binding
  • 8-point font
  • Black letter
  • Epistle Dedicatory
  • Translators to the Reader
  • Large concordance
  • Wide margins – 1 (inner) x 1 (outer) x 1.25 (top) x 1.5 (bottom)
  • Page summaries
  • 1358 pages
  • 9.25 x 6.5 x 1.3
  • $8.00

Where to buy: LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 390-V Series

Cover and Binding

The cover is a durable black vinyl. It still has Holy Bible, Authorized King James, and Church stamped in gold. The cover has a nice look. The binding is sewn. You can see a line of stitching in the front and back of the Bible. It has no trouble staying open in Genesis.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 063

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 056

Paper and Print

The paper isn’t thin, but it is thinner than the Note Taker’s. I think it looks better. It doesn’t have that shinny look when reading under a light. The paper is opaque and is not bright white. There is a slight amount of show-through, but that’s to be expected. Some of the pages are wrinkled at the top near the inner margin.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 064

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 065

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 070

The font is about an 8-point with medium boldness. It has a good amount of space between the lines (leading), so there’s plenty of room for underlining. It’s very consistent throughout. It does not have a self-pronouncing text, so the text is very clean and readable. It does have italics for supplied words.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl bible Buying Guide

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 071

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 060

At the top of the page is the chapter or chapters that start on that page and a page summary.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 059

Books start on the same page the previous book ends.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 069

There are 4 blank regular pages in the back and 1 in the front for notes, and 8 thick pages in the front and back for notes. These are great for writing charts, lists of references, short Bible studies, outlines, and notes.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 057


This is one of the larger concordances that I’ve seen in a Bible. The pages are not numbered, but there is about .25 inches of paper. There are 63 references for God, not counting God as an idol which it shows as a separate entry. The concordance also has wide-margins. This is great for writing definitions or word studies next to the word in the concordance.

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 068

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 066

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 067

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 061

LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 062


Local Church Bible Publishers’ 390-V wide-margin KJV Bible is an excellent Bible for note-taking that won’t break the bank. It has a great font, consistent print, writable paper, 1 inch margins, and an excellent concordance. I recommend the LCBP wide-margin vinyl Bible to anyone looking for an inexpensive Bible for note-taking, journaling, practicing Bible marking, making chain references, preaching, teaching, and witnessing.

Where to buy: LCBP Mid-Size Wide-Margin Vinyl 390-V Series




About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Eli

    Hi, I’m kinda thinking of buying my brother a very cheap KJV Bible and this caught my attention. There is a hand size version of this and it is the 357 Wide Margin Vinyl Bible, it basically is the same but the 357 is smaller. You’ve done a really great review of this Bible, but I just wanna ask if the Vinyl cover is durable and doesn’t split/crack easily and if it doesn’t crease when folded a little bit. And I also wanna ask if the binding is really strong that the text wont seperate frome the spine.

    • Eli

      He isn’t really that choosy on things he gets, so its okay for him if it isn’t the best quality. But I want to get him a Bible that will last for maybe 7-10 years so he won’t have to redo his notes again and again. (He is messy and isn’t careful on the things he own so I want to get him a Bible that will last for a long time in his ownership.)

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Eli. The vinyl editions that I have from LCBP don’t get heavy use. The book-block is still section sewn, but the cover is glued. I’ve had one of them for a year and it’s starting to come unglued. I really can’t imagine it lasting that long. I might last 1 year with moderate use, but I’d be surprised if it lasted longer than that. I recommend their leather editions (even their cheapest leather edition would be fine) if you want it to last 7-10 years.

    • Eli

      Do you think it would last longer if you put it in a Bible case/cover? Eventhough my brother is not careful with his things, (and he’s 18) he is just going to take it to our Baptist Church and maybe read it in our house. So do you thing it would last longer if you put it in a case?

    • Randy Brown

      I’m sure it will. That’s not a bad idea.

    • Eli

      And is the text really seperated from the cover or only a small part of it is becoming unglued?

    • Randy Brown

      It’s just coming unglued.

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