Church Bible Publishers’ Limited Patriotic Edition of the red-letter Turquoise Reference Bible is perhaps the most elegant edition they’ve produced so far. It has a blue Roma goatskin leather cover with a cowhide liner, raised spine ribs, and silver gilded page edges. In this review, I’ll take a look at the leather itself. This Bible is made in USA. For information about the Turquoise, see my CBP red-letter Turquoise review.

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Goatskin Cover

The cover is Roma gotakin by AA Leather. The goatskin has a pebbly grain that looks and feels nice. The blue is consistent and I love the shade they chose. It has a pressed line that runs around the top, side, and bottom to give it an interesting design. It’s highly flexible so you can bend it just about any way you want.

The spine includes 5 raised ribs. They’re thicker than most and fit with the size of this Bible perfectly. The text is stamped with silver to match the silver gitded edges of the paper. The spine is a little sloppy and has a squeky sound.

Cowhide Liner

The cowhide liner is edge-lined. Even the liner has an elagent pebbly grain. The corner work looks excellent. AA Leather uses a technique where the outer goatskin leather folds over and the cowhide liner meets the goatskin instead of going under it. This is one of the most interesting techniques that I’ve seen in Bible covers. It looks more elegant than just folding the outer cover over the liner.


It has three 3/8″ ribbons in red, white, and blue to give it the patriotic design. They’re extra-long and are easy to use.


Here’s a look at the inside. This is a red-letter Turquoise. For more information see the detailed review.


Here’s how the Roma goatksin looks compared to ironed calfskin, water buffalo, and Cambridge goatskin.

CBP Ironed Calfskin

The CBP 215 in blue.

The CBP Turquoise in black.

The CBP Notetakers in two-color black and brown.

CBP Water Buffalo

CBP Turquoise in water buffalo.

Cambridge Goatskin

The Cambridge Turquoise in blue goatskin.

Ending Thoughts

The CBP Roma goatskin is an elegant cover. AA Leather’s technique of the outer shell and inner liner leather meeting on the inside of the cover looks better and has more style than having the outer cover fold over the inner liner. The spine is a touch sloppy and squeaky, but that wouldn’t stop me from using it. I’m not sure which I like better between the Roma goatskin and water buffalo, but I do love this blue goatskin. The liner does look better than the Cambridge. I don’t think I could choose a favorite goatskin between the CBP and the Cambridge, but that’s a good thing. That just shows how awesome CBP’s Roma goatskin is.

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