Cambridge Bibles – 2018 CBA Unite

Cambridge had a small table this time with some of their most recent releases. I was able to grab some swag including a cool pen and a book that opens to reveal sticky notes (Cambridge always brings a few goodies to giveaway. Once it was the best chocolate candy bar I’ve had, and another time it was the Transetto). I was also able to get a catalog which includes several quotes from my reviews (I always appreciate it when publishers use quotes from BBG in their marketing efforts). I also took a closer look at some of their Bibles.

I think these will be handy for notes and to mark where I’m reading or preaching from.

Turquoise in Calf Split Leather

The calf split Turquoise looks as rugged as the Concord. This is an excellent alternative to the goatskin Turquoise if you want to save a little money but still have the 28gsm Indopaque paper that I love. The calf split edition includes a paste-down liner, regular gold gilt edges, and 2 ribbons.

NRSV Reference Edition with Apocrypha

Another Bible was the NRSV Reference Edition with Apocrypha. It includes a French Morocco cover with paste-down liner. The text is in a double-column setting with center-column references. The print reminded me of the Concord. Although I think the paper is thicker and more opaque.

The Greek New Testament

The Greek New Testament is the Cambridge version of the joint project with Crossway (I reviewed the Crossway version). It comes in several covers and is printed on elegant paper.

I wasn’t able to interview Cambridge but I was glad to see these editions. I was especially interested in the Turquoise and NRSV. I’ve used the Turquoise for a while now and I’m still just as excited about it as I was when it first arrived. I’m glad that it’s available in calf split to help make it more affordable. Many will find the calf split easier to use because it’s not as expensive as the goatskin. Now that I’ve used it for 6 months I’m planning a follow-up video review of the Turquoise. Stay tuned to the BBG YouTube channel for that video coming soon.

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