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Tyndale House Publishers featuring Filament – 2018 CBA Unite

The star of the Tyndale booth was the demonstration of their new product called Filament – a combination of a printed Bible in a readable format with study notes in a digital format. The printed Bible is based on the Tyndale Select. It removes the references and provides a clean, single-column, layout that looks amazing. Scanning a page number with your phone or tablet will show information that’s found on that page. This means you have access to information about each person and location on every single page they appear on rather than having to turn to the one page in a study Bible that includes the information. I was able to record a demonstration that you’ll see at the bottom of the page. Here are a few photos of the Bible and app.

Tyndale Filament Bible Video Demonstration

I’m glad to see this type of marriage between print and digital technologies. I love to carry a Bible that isn’t bogged down with tools and distractions on each page, but it’s also great to have access to all of that information when you need it. This keeps us from having to carry a large study Bible, but it also means we don’t have to sacrifice the tools in order to carry a readable Bible. I’ve actually been expecting someone to produce this type of Bible for a while and it’s good to see it’s finally here. The Tyndale Select was the perfect choice to build this with and the app looks clean and intuitive. You can see more about Tyndale Filament at Tyndale’s website.

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  1. Jason Leefarr

    On the filament bible, the notes on the app are they from the nlt study bible, the life application study bible or are they a completely new set of notes.

    • Randy A Brown

      I don’t have it, but I can ask my contact at Tyndale.

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Jason. Here’s the info I got from Tyndale:

      “The content in the app comes from a variety of sources. The content in the Study window is from the NLT Study Bible and NLT Illustrated Study Bible, though it has been reviewed by an editor specifically for Filament. Primarily, that means we removed or combined some redundant notes and made sure everything was tagged to show up in all the right places (and none of the wrong ones). The content in the Reflect window comes from Chris Tiegreen’s “Dancing in the Desert Devotional Bible,” Nancy Guthrie’s “The One Year Book of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament,” and a few other NLT devotional sources. The interactive maps and visuals in the See window were created specifically for Filament, and the videos in the See window are provided by The Bible Project.”

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