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Preaching and Teaching From a Tablet

For quite a while now I’ve been thinking about using a tablet for preaching. Not as a printed Bible replacement – I still want a printed Bible, but as a sermon notebook. I like the idea of having my sermon on a tablet ready to go. A tablet could make a great sermon notebook. I decided to give it a try. Here’s an overview of the tools I use and why I like them. My goal is to get the features I want and for it to be easy. The hard part should be studying and praying for the...

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Creating a Topical Chain Reference in Laridian’s PocketBible for Android

 I’ve been a PocketBible user for many years. I’ve gone through four different OS’s not counting the desktop edition. One of the ways I use it the most is making topical chains. I’ve written an article for Laridian’s blog on this very topic. You can read the article here:   How to Create Your Own Topical Chain Reference in PocketBible   Do you use PocketBible? If so, have you created your own topical chain...

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