Creating a Topical Chain Reference in Laridian’s PocketBible for Android

chainlink_and I’ve been a PocketBible user for many years. I’ve gone through four different OS’s not counting the desktop edition. One of the ways I use it the most is making topical chains. I’ve written an article for Laridian’s blog on this very topic. You can read the article here:


How to Create Your Own Topical Chain Reference in PocketBible


Do you use PocketBible? If so, have you created your own topical chain reference?

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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    I own a pocket bible, but probably not the kind you are referring to. Mine is a 5 1/2″X4″X3/4″ bible by TBS with a center column reference. nice calfskin cover, a reading plan, and archaic words list with definitions. Type is small, a reduced Pitt-Minion, but readable in good light or with a magnifying sheet that is tucked in the bible. If this bible you’re reviewing is for electronic media, I don’t think I have the patience for it. Electronic Media and I do not get along, I can use my e-mail on my computer, but little else. I wish I could understand these things, but at my age, 73, I’m not easily trained. Moreover, my mind doesn’t work in those channels.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Don,

      I know how you feel. Printed Bibles don’t require you to learn how to use it. It is what it is and it works just fine the way it is. I’ve been a PocketBible user for over 10 years. As you know from my LinkedIn profile, I recently started a full-time writing business. I’m doing a LOT of ghostwriting. The problem with this is I don’t have a lot of writing samples other than my own website. To get hired as a writer (I write software tutorials and reviews) I need to have my name on other websites. The best way to do that is guest post. That’s what this article is. It will be an ongoing guest-spot for me, so I’ll be writing a lot more tutorials for Laridian. I love the product.

      Your TBS sounds a lot like my ABS, except mine doesn’t have references.


  2. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    I wish you well with your writing, I always wished I could write well, but never could come up to my own expectations, If I were writing for publication, I would let nothing below the level of Faulkner’s work get out of my hands.

    In truth, all of us have to learn how to use books, and there are more details to learn than most of us remember. As a teacher, I spent lots of time training students the ins and outs of getting the most out of their reading material. I’ve learned all the details of how to use the printed page, but am unwilling to go to electronic media for information I can get out of a good book with no additional training, besides, what happens when the batteries run down?

    Again best of luck and success with your writing.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison


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