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Cambridge KJV Large Print Text Bible – Review

As I grow older I find myself gravitating toward smaller Bibles with larger and bolder print. I used to use large Bibles with small print and lots of extras, but I’ve found that I don’t use the extras that much. They have their place but I usually study with tools outside of my Bible. They mostly take up space at the expense of a print that’s comfortable to read. I don’t need extras in a Bible I read or preach from. For most of my reading I just need a small to mid-size Bible that I can carry and...

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Zondervan’s KJV Skinii Bible – Review

The Skinii is a thin and no nonsense handy Bible for everyday use. It has an elastic strap to keep it closed, a pocket on the inside of the back cover for papers, tracks, etc., and the cover is black Italian Duo-Tone over board with rounded corners. It comes with one extremely long ribbon. The text block is sewn and has no problem lying open anywhere I want it to. The heavy hard cover helps with this. The overall size is 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 x 1 1/16. The paper is acid free and is decently opaque. It’s...

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LCBP 180 vs BPS Hand Size KJV Bible Quick Comparison

Local Church Bible Publishers and Bearing Precious Seed are publishers that produce the KJV at cost. Both have similar build structure – calfskin and cowhide covers that are edge-lined. This is a quick look at two of the most popular Bibles from both publishers: the LCBP 180 and the BPS Hand Size. Both have 10-point fonts and are text only editions with a concordance. The LCBP 180 has a calfskin cover, includes maps, has thicker paper, and a darker print. The BPS Hand Size has a cowhide cover, a sharper font with better spacing between the letters and words,...

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Crossway’s The Psalms – Review

Most of the Bibles that I review are complete Bibles. I rarely read a stand-alone Bible book. Every now and then one comes along that makes sense as a stand-alone book. Crossway’s The Psalms is one such book. The edition I’m reviewing is brown and walnut TruTone over board and it has some impressive specs. Cover and Binding This isn’t a basic hardcover. It’s a two-color TruTone, complete with perimeter stitching, over board. I love the texture and feel of the cover. I doesn’t look or feel like imitation leather. I would love to see other Bibles available with...

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Review of TBS Windsor Text Bible in Black Calfskin. Authorized King James Version. Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, London England.

Review and photos by Rev. Matthew Everhard   I have a penchant for simple things, made well. A hammer should do one thing well: drive nails. I don’t need it to have wifi or Bluetooth too. I drive a Chevy Prism with power nothing. Sure, I have to roll down my windows by hand, but you won’t see me at the dealer getting repairs on the seat warmer, because the only thing under the hood is – you guessed it – an engine. I like things that do exactly what they were designed to do, and don’t pretend to...

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