Author: Matthew Brown

LCBP 180 vs BPS Hand Size KJV Bible Quick Comparison

Local Church Bible Publishers and Bearing Precious Seed are publishers that produce the KJV at cost. Both have similar build structure – calfskin and cowhide covers that are edge-lined. This is a quick look at two of the most popular Bibles from both publishers: the LCBP 180 and the BPS Hand Size. Both have 10-point fonts and are text only editions with a concordance. The LCBP 180 has a calfskin cover, includes maps, has thicker paper, and a darker print. The BPS Hand Size has a cowhide cover, a sharper font with better spacing between the letters and words,...

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Cambridge and Crossway ESV Wide Margin Bible Comparisons

  Both Cambridge and Crossway offer excellent wide margin editions of the ESV. Here are a few photos to compare the layouts between them, and I’ve thrown in the Single Column Legacy just to make your choices more difficult 🙂 You’re welcome! The primary differences are: Single Column Legacy – 9-point font, no references, single-column, no paper in the back Crossway Wide Margin– 9-point font, references under the last verse on the page, no paper in the back Cambridge Wide Margin – 8-point font, center column references, lined paper in the back for...

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Cameo vs Brevier Clarendon

Two of my favorite hand-sized Bibles are the Cambridge Cameo and RL Allan Brevier Clarendon (click their name to see the reviews). Both are amazing Bibles. If you were buying one, which would you choose? Where to buy: Cameo Click here to buy from Amazon: Cambridge Cameo Brevier Clarendon Click here to buy from Bibles-Direct: Brevier Clarendon in Brown Vachetta Calfskin Click here to buy from EvangelicalBible: Brevier Clarendon in Brown Vachetta Calfskin   Both Bibles are about the same size. I’m not comparing their covers since my review copies have different covers. The Cameo on the left has goatskin...

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Study Bible Alternatives

I like Bibles with study helps but I don’t always want commentary. Commentary messes with the layout. You might have 2 verses on one page and 20 on the next. Plus the Bibles can be huge and still have a small text. I don’t always need to carry the commentary with me. I love the Archaeological Study Bible, but I don’t need to carry that information around. For me, study Bibles are better for studying at your desk than carrying with you. What I would rather have with me is a topical index or dictionary. Word studies are good too....

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