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Cambridge Concord Wide Margin KJV in Black Calf Split Leather – Review

The Cambridge Concord is a popular setting from the 1950’s. The wide margin edition takes that setting, places it on writable paper, and adds wide margins and paper in the back to create a note taker’s dream Bible. It has long been the Bible of choice for both scholars and preachers. In this review I take a look at the calf split edition. Pros Paper High quality construction Semi-bold font Wide margins Paper Cons Might be too large for carry Expensive Features KJV Calf split leather Sewn binding Translators to the Reader (every KJV reader should read this) Epistle...

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Cambridge NKJV Wide Margin Bible – Review

The New King James is sadly lacking in premium editions. I can count them on one hand. There is only one wide margin edition available. Fortunately it is available in two different covers: calf split and goatskin. Both are excellent editions. In this review I take a look at the Cambridge NKJV Wide Margin in black calf split leather. Pros Wide margins Thick paper Cons Font could be larger Inner margin is tight Features NKJV Calf split leather Sewn 7.9 font Red-letter 2 column Paragraph Center-column references Translation footnotes Concordance Maps with index Index to notes Notebook paper 2 ribbons 9...

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Cambridge and Crossway ESV Wide Margin Bible Comparisons

  Both Cambridge and Crossway offer excellent wide margin editions of the ESV. Here are a few photos to compare the layouts between them, and I’ve thrown in the Single Column Legacy just to make your choices more difficult 🙂 You’re welcome! The primary differences are: Single Column Legacy – 9-point font, no references, single-column, no paper in the back Crossway Wide Margin– 9-point font, references under the last verse on the page, no paper in the back Cambridge Wide Margin – 8-point font, center column references, lined paper in the back for...

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Cambridge ESV Wide Margin Bible in Goatskin – Review

A wide margin Bible is the best Bible anyone can own. It’s an instant study Bible – just add study. Instead of having someone else’s study, a wide margin Bible lets you have a Bible with your own notes. Cambridge’s wide margin Bibles are perfect for this. In this review I put Cambridge’s top of the line ESV Wide Margin Bible in goatskin to the test. Pros Pitt Minion layout Goatskin cover Cons Inner margin smaller than outer margin Features 2007 ESV Sewn binding Goatskin cover 38 gsm writable paper 8-point font Red letter 2 ribbons Red under gold...

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