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Zebra Sarasa Fineliner Bible Marking Kit

Zebra Sarasa Fineliner Bible Marking Kit set of 12 Bible marking pens from GT Luscombe is a lower-cost equivalent to the set of 8 Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit with the exception that each of the pens are the same size. They have a 0.8mm tip and are archival quality.

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Using the Sarasa Bible Marking Kit

The colors are bright and they’re easy to tell apart. They look great on Bible paper. The color goes on smooth. I found the 0.8mm to be a good size for underlining and for notes. The ink dries fast. I had no issues with smearing.

I also had no issues with bleed-through. Any marking pens will have show-through, especially with thinner Bible paper, but the show-through was just barely noticeable in my Hendrickson test Bible.

Verse 17 in this example is a Pigma Micron. It compared favorably with the Pigma Microns. In my test, neither had more show-through than the other.

For underlining, I’m using a 6″ flexible ruler, also from GT Luscombe (but sold separately).

I found the pens easy to hold. They compare favorably with Pigma Microns.

On the back of the kit is an example of using the pens for inductive study and a few study tips. I like seeing the inductive study example because it gives some ideas of how to use the pens.


The Zebra Sarasa Fineliner Bible Marking Kit is an excellent set of Bible marking pens. I love the colors, and I especially like that it has 12 colors. I like to color-code and having 12 colors is perfect for me. The colors look great and they dry fast. I didn’t give it a second thought before turning the page and there was no smear at all. They don’t bleed through the thin Bible paper, but there might be some show-through which is always to be expected with markers and pens.

I recommend the Sarasa Bible Marking Kit to anyone looking for a 12-color set of archival pens to mark in their Bibles or a cheaper alternative to Pigma Microns without sacrificing quality.

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