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Lettering Prayer Journal Cover

I recently received my review copy of The Lettering Prayer Journal created by Krystal Whitten and published by Dayspring. This journal is designed to help you focus and improve your prayer habit and encourages you to meditate on Scripture while hand-lettering. As someone who has been subscribed to Krystal’s newsletter for years, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review this.

Dayspring provided this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Weekly Prayer Pages

The main feature of this journal is the 52 sets of prayer pages. Each set is four pages.

The first is a mostly blank page for you to hand-letter on. A suggested meditation verse is printed at the top and there is a box to fill in the date. Most verses are taken from the NIV translation but there are also a few verses from the BSB, NASB, ESV, and NLT translations.

All of the pages in this journal are a nice thick white paper that seem to me will hold up well to most inks. I like that Krystal chose not to have the pages predated. I agree that this makes the journal easier to start at any time and makes you feel less guilty if you have a week or two you miss because of illness or an overly busy few days. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll use mostly the translation provided for my lettering or switch back and forth between a few of my most frequently used translations.

The next two pages are in two-column format and give you space to make a list of everything you are praying for that week. 9 categories for prayer each get a third of a column and little check off circles are included for when God answers the prayers. The categories are Praise, Repentance, Thanksgiving, Equipping, Community/World, Myself, Sick/Grieving, Family, and Friends. The last full column is provided for you to write out notes and thoughts about your pray or meditation that week or possibly give a detailed account of an answered prayer.

I think this is a good selection of categories that will serve as a gentle reminder to both those who focus too much on themselves and those who tend to put themselves last. I love the ability to easily make a note of answered prayers.

The last page of the four is designed to give you inspiration. It alternates between quotes from various people about God and the Bible and Bible verses lettered by Krystal Whitten.

Other Features

A five-page introduction starts this journal. It includes a letter of thanks and encouragement from Krystal and a how-to-use chart that encourages daily practice in a weekly format. There is a page explaining the prayer categories including a scripture for each, a brief explanation of “Why Lettering” and a reminder to avoid the “Perfect trap”. The last of the five pages is a list of questions to help you define your prayer goals while using this journal.

I love this section. There is very helpful information for getting the most out of this journal are so many good things to think about that aren’t limited to just using this book.

Also at the front is a 20-page crash course in the basics of hand lettering. It includes definitions of terms, 5 complete example alphabets, some notes on composition, samples of a few flourishes you can add, and even a little bit of room for practice.

Personally, I would love it if this section was a little bigger. I’m a little unsure about my own lettering (but I’m trying to not compare myself too much to others like recommended in this book). I do think Krystal did a very good job at making sure you got as much information as possible in 20 pages. If anyone is looking for more help I suggest visiting Krystal’s website. Her blog has some wonderful posts about lettering and some of them include downloadable worksheets.

Lettering Prayer Journal note pages

Lettering Prayer Journal blank pages

At the back of the journal are 8 lined pages and 12 unlined pages. The lined pages are labeled notes and two of them include lettered verses. The unlined pages have little blue banners at the top and great for doing hand lettering of your own favorite verses or as practice sheets.

I’m hoping I’ll use this journal enough that I’ll need more than just these 20 pages. I like that extra space is included. It will be useful for recording special thoughts I have while meditating on the Scriptures. I will also be able to letter other verses that become key verses to me during the year.

Purchase The Lettering Prayer Journal

You can purchase The Lettering Prayer Journal at Dayspring or on Amazon (both are affiliate links).


Lettering Prayer Journal

The Lettering Prayer Journal is a beautiful book. It does a good job of providing a way to record, focus, and improve a daily prayer life. The added feature of hand-lettering isn’t for everyone, but this journal is a really nice way to include it for those who already do lettering or those wanting to give it a try. I know I look forward to using this journal in 2021 and to sharing some of my attempts through Bible Buying Guide’s social media.

Dayspring provided this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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