The Premier Collection from Thomas Nelson / Zondervan is currently shipping and it’s looking like a nice set of Bibles. They’ve provided a press release to describe the series:

Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 19, 2018 — Thomas Nelson and Zondervan are thrilled to announce the release of their new Premier Collection Bibles, on sale September 25, 2018.

Premier Collection Bibles feature premium materials, including:

  • Full-grain black goatskin covers, which are hand-bound to the book blocks using an edge-lined construction for optimum flexibility and durability
  • Beautiful, opaque 36 gsm European Bible paper, which is bound together with fine, strong thread using the Smyth-sewn binding method, just as high-end books have been crafted for hundreds of years
  • Art gilding, which is a specialized process for treating the edges of Bible pages, applying both a rich dye and a metallic coating to create a stunning depth and finish as the pages are fanned out
  • Generous yapp, which is the part of the leather cover that extends beyond the page edges, to protect the art gilding
  • Encased in durable, 2-piece boxes and elegantly wrapped in protective paper for the ultimate gift-giving and unboxing experience
  • Exclusive Comfort Print® typefaces, designed by leading font foundry 2K-DENMARK, which combine tradition with the best advances in modern typography, ensuring a smooth reading experience
“Several years ago, we began working on a beautiful Bible initiative to ensure that our Bibles are beautifully crafted in both their interior and exterior design and quality of materials, as well as in how we present them to the market,” says Melinda Bouma, publisher, Zondervan Bibles. “A significant step in that process was the creation of our exclusive Comfort Print® typefaces for each translation. Now these new Premier Collection Bibles are the capstone on our beautiful Bible initiative.”

“We spent a great deal of time evaluating production quality to create these new Bibles,” says Daniel Marrs, publisher, Thomas Nelson Bibles. “Our goal was to match or surpass the quality and features of any premium Bible currently on the market, while simultaneously offering our Bibles at lower prices for our readers.”

The first Premier Collection Bibles go on sale September 25, 2018 and are available in three translations: Thomas Nelson’s King James Version (KJV) and New King James Version (NKJV) and Zondervan’s New International Version (NIV).

  • KJV Giant Print Center-Column Reference Bible (ISBN 9780785220831), with red under gold art gilding, three ribbons (two black, one red), 12.2-point print size for excellent readability, book introductions, a full concordance, and Thomas Nelson’s complete cross-reference system, with over 72,000 references displayed in a classic center-column format, for $149.99
  • NKJV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible (ISBN 9780785220886), with red under gold art gilding, three ribbons (two black, one red), 11-point print size in a line-matched setting, extensive concordance, full-color maps, and more than 40,000 cross-references, in a format less than an inch thick for portability, ideal for reading and preaching, for $149.99
  • NKJV Single-Column Reference Bible (ISBN 9780785220855), with red under gold art gilding, three ribbons (two black, one red), 10.5-point print size in a line-matched, single-column format designed for maximum readability, generous margins, and Thomas Nelson’s complete cross-reference system with over 72,000 references, for $159.99
  • NIV Heritage Bible (ISBN 9780310450757), with blue and silver art gilding, three ribbons (black, blue, and red), 10-point print size in a two-color, line-matched, single column setting, generous margins with room for notes, pages to keep family records, and a concordance, for $149.99
  • NIV Large Print Thinline Bible (ISBN 9780310450894), with blue and silver art gilding, three ribbons (navy blue, blue, and light blue), 11.4-point print size, in a format less than an inch-thick for portability and ideal for reading and preaching, for $149.99


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