CPE Authors and their Books Part 2

There were so many authors with their books that we got to meet at CPE I thought it best to divide it up into 2 posts. If you missed it you can find Part 1 here.

I have another photo of the Monday Meet and Greet.

Book titles are links to a store to purchase the book (most lead to Christian Book and all are affiliate links) and the authors’ names lead to their personal or ministry websites. A few of these books were being promoted prelease and will be released over the next month or two. We did receive review copies of a few of them and I will link this post to those reviews as I get them up over the next several months.

Joy in Surrender: Living a Life Yielded to God by Deborah Stricklin. Many of us try to avoid the painful trials in life we want to live in the victorious moments. But Paul told us (I Peter 4:13) that our trials make us partners with Christ. Deborah shows us how that embracing our partnership in Christ’s suffering and fully surrendering to God’s purposes we find ways to help others and joy for our own lives.

Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory Over the Lies Formed Against You by Tina Yeager. We’ve all been trapped by toxic thoughts at one time or another. The thoughts of shame, resentment, unresolved anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness might currently have us overwhelmed. Tina shows us there is a path to freedom. She shares insights from her personal struggles and the Bible to help you break free from your insecurities.

As One: Like Christ and the Church by Reginald C Holder. Reginald wrote this book to help men understand the relationship between Jesus and the church and model it in their own lives. Marriage is not “one size fits all.” He prompts men to ask God for understanding and guidance, to study their wives daily, and then to operate in love with the knowledge gained. Readers will find practical answers and suggestions to equip husbands, to strengthen the husband and wife relationships, and the family relationships as well.

Finally Free by Patty Mason. Millions are suffering from the pain and despair that seems unending that depression brings. Patty Mason has been there and wants to help others escape that dark place. Using her own experiences and the promises of God she offers advice to both those suffering and those caring for the depressed to break the bonds without depending on drugs.

Reclaimed: Finding Your Identity After Marital Betrayal by Stephanie Broersma. This is a 30 day devotional for those dealing with a very painful situation, marital betrayal. Using her own experiences and an encouraging compilation of Scripture she wants to help others through all the raw emotions and decisions they face. She wants to let them know they are not alone, others have been there too, and God is always willing to help.

Help! I Have a Prodigal by Judy R Slegh. It can feel like your world is turned upside down when a loved one leaves the faith. Writing from her own experience with a prodigal child, Judy offers hope and compassion in this devotional guide. It helps you identify components of emotional wounds, set boundaries, learn to hear God’s voice, and much more.

Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated by Linda W Rooks. It is possible to save your marriage even if you are already separated. Linda Rooks has done it and wants to help others succeed as well. Using a combination of biblical wisdom, real-life stories, and practical help she gives hope to husbands and wives who desire restoration in their marriages.

Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and the Purpose of Life by August Turak. Recipient of the prestigious Templeton Prize, Brother John is the true story of a meaningful encounter between a man going through a mid-life crisis and an umbrella-wielding Trappist monk. This magical encounter on Christmas Eve eventually leads the author, and us all, to the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls #6 The Lion’s Roar by M J Thomas. M J Thomas was there with the sixth book in his series The Lion’s Roar. The time travelers get thrown back to the bustling city of Babylon, where Daniel is about to get thrown into the lions’ den. When they meet Shadrach and Daniel, they learn that there are new laws that make it illegal to worship or pray to anyone but the king. Time to running out for them to solve the scroll and a sneaky high priest wants to get them thrown into the lions’ den with Daniel.

Bertie The Buffalo by Wendy H Jones. Wendy is the one in the white dress and Scottish plaid scarf. This children’s book illustrated by Barry Diaper is based on a true story of when a Water Buffalo escaped from a Buffalo Park in Dundee, Scotland. A rhyming book about the exciting adventures Bertie got up to when he got lost and how his safe return home demonstrates how precious each of us is to God.

Captive and Crowned by Elizabeth Newsom. This is a young adult fantasy novel. Set in another world complete with half-dragons and assassins. While the world the lead character finds herself in is filled with things like forced weddings, betrayal, murder, and revenge the author hopes the message of what true love really is touches her readers. True love is more than a giddy feeling you get when you see someone, it goes much deeper than that and requires something of you.

W. Anne Vega didn’t have any copies of her book left by the time we got to talk to her. Author of both the A-Z Redemption Series and the Beyond Religion series, her newest book is R7:17 Dominion. It tells the story of three strangers that accept an invitation from a mysterious philanthropist and unknowingly embark on a life-altering journey where science and spirituality collide. It is the first book in her new Beyond Limits series.

We really enjoyed the chance to get to meet all of these wonderful authors who are so friendly and enthusiastic about their books and what God has shown them. We wish we had the time and opportunity to talk to all of the authors who attended CPE.

We look forward to future Christian Product shows and hope we get the chance to see some of the authors we’ve already met again, and get to meet even more Christian authors.

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