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Facing a Blank Page (JOT Bible Life-Notes)

UPDATE  – The winner is…


Congratulations to Robert Millison!

We’ve teamed up with JOT once again to give away a JOT Bible Life-Notes journal. The drawing will be held December 10th (2016). To enter, simply respond with a comment in the comments section of this post here at Bible Buying Guide. Every comment counts as an entry. The winner will be chosen at random. I’ll send the notice to the winner by email.

Also, JOT is having a thank you sale that will run the rest of 2016. They are offering the Jot journals at two for one for $60.00, and one Jot journal at $39.95.  Free shipping is included when shipped to one address in the continuous USA. You can see more at their website:

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  1. Robert

    The JOT Bible Life-Notes journal is a great tool for extended thoughts during Bible study.

  2. Jon sidnell

    I’ve thought the JOT Bible Life Notes look interesting since the first time you posted about them. Would be great to be able to try it out personally 🙂

  3. Lloyd Beachy

    Looks like a great idea for recording worth-saving revelations or thoughts on the scriptures!

  4. Jordan Emerson

    One of these would be great and I would like to think that I would give it away as a gift. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  5. robert

    I’ve been very curious about these. Interesting concept!

  6. Matthew E

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. What a great concept. I wonder how I’d use this alongside my wide margin?

  7. Stacy Taylor

    I would love to try this out!

  8. Anthony Fountain

    Fantastic idea. I’ve never seen a journal like this before but it is a great way of keeping personal notes with direct references to specific scripture verses and you can clearly fit more on the page compared to journal bibles.

  9. Adeodata

    Now that’s a great idea! I always get frustrated having to come up with systems to keep my bible study notes together. I would love to try out this solution, and the book looks beautiful in itself… In any case, congratulations to the publishers!

  10. Janet h

    What an awesome way to keep all your Scripture notes together in one place, rather than on a million random pieces of paper that you always think you’re going to organize better!!

  11. Hanna Mesfin

    This would solve the problem of not having enough space to put down all one’s thoughts, observation and other pertinent information in the margins of his/her bible.

  12. Michael

    This looks like it would be a great tool for taking notes as I’m going through studying scriptures! Very handy and eliminates the need for wide margins! lol 🙂 Excellent way to keep your notes all in one spot!

  13. Robert Millison

    Very interesting concept! Gives a whole new meaning to a “note-taker” Bible!

  14. Mike S.

    I like the Journal Bible 17:18 series. This too looks like a great way to collect one’s thoughts and application of Scripture.

  15. Stephen

    I use journals regularly in my Bible time, but I haven’t seen one like this! Looks great.

  16. Tony Walker

    I took a gander at this item last week. Smart idea to use for notes!

  17. Nathaniel ferguson

    I would love to have a JOT bible to keep all my personal notes safe in one place!

  18. David Young

    Would love to be able to use one of these for my fill-in supply preaching. But since retired from full- time can’t afford to buy one. The JOT Bible Life-Notes Journal looks like it would be fantastic. Thank you for the review.

  19. ERNEST Williams

    Very cool! I have not seen these before.

  20. Carlos navas

    This is a great idea. I would love to try it.

  21. mo

    Great idea! I don’t really like to write in my Bibles, so I’d like to try this!

  22. Molly

    This seems like a good gift idea for the Christian reader who buys every book before Christmas!

  23. Sofia

    This would be great to have all the primary notes that I want within the bible and maybe stop using multiple notebooks or the struggle to fit everything in the margin or come up with some weird notes system that never completely work.

  24. Caleb

    I find these notebooks interesting, I would like to give one a try.

  25. Marguerite Harrell

    Wow! I have never seen JOT before! I would love to have one!

  26. Daren Dale

    I’ll take two.

  27. David humphrey

    Wow! This looks like a simple and effective way of recording observations about the text.

  28. ERNEST Williams

    BTW, I love the site

  29. Mike Harshman

    This is a fantastic idea for taking notes while studying the Scriptures. Love it! Looks like it is very well made as well. 🙂

  30. Anthony Fountain

    The only downside is that it looks pretty big so maybe not ideal for travel, but as a place to keep all your notes with direct links to scripture verses this is one I’ve never seen before.

  31. Anthony Fountain

    Not sure on the thickness of the paper or the opacity. I wonder weather it would hold up to the use of art mediums. It looks like very thin India paper but I could be wrong about that.

  32. anthony fountain

    This seems to have more room per verse for notes than a regular journal bible, although you would still be limited if you wanted to write paragraphs on individual verses so eventually compromises would have to be made as to which verses get priority.

  33. Anthony Fountain

    i plan to use this for writing insights from preaches I have heard and from personal times of communion. It would also be a useful place to write a parallel comparison between different translations. I can still use my journal bible for making notes and for my color coding system and have this one to expand upon those notes.

  34. Anthony Fountain

    Just discovered that the paper is actually quite opaque so I’m optimistic i.e. using archival pens and art mediums

  35. Anthony Fountain

    The fact that it is genuine leather just adds to the appeal!

  36. Anthony Fountain

    Would I like to win this…..yes of course! So I’m going to keep on posting and increase my chances! (Apologies to everyone else!)

  37. Anthony Fountain

    I like the fact it has 3 ribbons…great idea and one you would never find in a standard journal…and they’re different colors….fantastic!

  38. Anthony Fountain

    Best idea I’ve come across this year for bible journaling!

  39. Anthony Fountain

    There is something about holding a real book in your hands and writing your own personal notes that really sells the idea of journaling to me. It can be a personal record of your time spent with God in prayer and over the years you can look back and remember how you developed in your understanding and relationship to God. There is perhaps nothing more important in all of life……that is how seriously important this is because at the end of all things when we stand before God we will either know him and have ‘oil’ for our lamps or not.

  40. Anthony Fountain

    Getting a bible is one thing. Reading it is one thing, but reading it with an open mind and allowing God to illuminate the scriptures is entirely different! That is why I think bible journaling isn’t simply an ‘add on’ to our christian walk but that it is right at the heart of our personal communion with God. Of course you don’t need a journal to build relationship with God but it fosters a growing sense of wanting to spend time with God and making sure that we ‘forget not his benefits’ and the time spent in prayer over the years.

  41. Anthony Fountain

    Looking forward to getting my hands on this!

  42. Anthony Fountain

    oh I’m being cheeky now!

  43. Anthony Fountain

    Just had a brainwave – maybe I could develop a color coding system for writing my notes in this, with a different color for each category e.g. one for parallel translation comparisons, one for insights from preaches I’ve heard, another for times of personal communion with God and maybe others for chain references etc.

  44. Anthony Fountain

    I thought I would share my personal color-coding system for the scriptures. I use sakura pigma micron pens (05) which I use for underlining the text (not highlighting) – this works very well although sometimes when two colors are next to each other e.g. red and orange it can be hard to tell the difference. So here goes:

    God the Father – PURPLE
    Jesus – RED
    Holy Spirit – YELLOW
    Gospel – ORANGE
    Wisdom – PURE BLUE
    Prophecy – BROWN
    Miracles – PURE GREEN
    Worship – ROYAL BLUE
    Heaven – BURGUNDY
    Visitation – PINK / ROSE
    Narrative – GREY

  45. Anthony Fountain

    So here is my rationale for the above color-coding system:

    GOD THE FATHER – any verse that describes the character or nature of God the Father e.g. Romans 3:29
    JESUS – any verse in the OT that prophecies about Jesus and any verse in the NT that explains why he came e.g. Romans 3:25
    HOLY SPIRIT – any verse that features the Holy Spirit e.g. Romans 5:5
    GOSPEL – any verse that describes what is available to the believer because of Jesus. It also includes any verse that describes our identity in Christ e.g. Romans 5:1 and is therefore my favorite category!
    WISDOM – general teaching on theological concepts or areas of wisdom for life that are not covered by the other color-coded categories e.g. Paul’s teaching on the law in Romans
    PROPHECY – any verse that is prophetic in nature e.g. Isaiah 65:17, excluding those about Jesus which have a different color
    MIRACLES – any passage that describes a miracle or healing e.g. Acts 3
    WORSHIP – any verse that is either about worship or is direct worship to God e.g. Psalm 33:1-3
    PRAYER – wisdom on how to pray or direct prayer to God e.g. Psalm 28
    HEAVEN – any verse that describes the actual place of heaven e.g. Hebrews 11;10
    VISITATION – any verse that involves a visitation of angels from heaven or any direct encounter with heavenly beings e.g. Acts 1:10
    NARRATIVE – this category includes those passages that are simply telling the story e.g. the visit of the wise men in Matt 2

    I find that using my own personal system like this helps me to locate passages in the bible very quickly. It is also a great tool for evangelism since you can very quickly and easily pick out all the verses that describe why Jesus came and then proceed to illustrate what is now available to the believer. No more fumbling around in the concordance! Color-coding like this takes time and dedication. I have color-coded the entire bible like this, a job that has taken me the best part of the last 8 years! I hope it is a blessing to you!

  46. Shaun Redsky

    Wow, this would be handy

  47. Thomas

    Wow, I would really like to have one of these journal’s on my upcoming move to China!

  48. NoEmi r

    Wow. Never knew this existed. Takes the place of so many cumbersome journals. Whoever wins this will have a great bible studying tool. Good luck to all and whoever wins congratulations and enjoy!

  49. Stephen

    Nice want one


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