Foundations Topical Reference Bible NASB 001

I love topical Bible study and topical study Bibles. To me a good study Bible will give you the tools to do your own study and allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. Foundation’s NASB Topical Reference Bible does just that. It has both a topical index and a Dictionary/Concordance/Thesaurus. These tools combine to make a great study Bible without an overload of theological opinion.


  • Topical index
  • Dictionary/Concordance/Thesaurus


  • Not available in genuine leather


  • NASB
  • Red-letter
  • Topical index
  • 95,000 references
  • Section headings
  • Family information pages
  • Tables with miracles, parables, etc.
  • Dictionary/Concordance/Thesaurus
  • Book introductions
  • Reading plan
  • Maps
  • 8.75 x 6 x 1.5
  • ISBN: 9781581351477
  • Suggested retail price $29.95
  • Printed in China

Cover and Binding

My review copy is hardcover. It is made well and feels like it will last for a long time. It has a sewn binding. This edition feels well-made. I think it would last longer than many other hardcover Bibles that I’ve already worn out. I like the size is this Bible. It’s a hand sized edition and is easy to carry without having a bad impact on its usability.

Paper and Print

The paper isn’t too thin and is more opaque than I expected. I haven’t tried, but I think it would be good paper for marking.

I’m just guessing on the font size but it looks like an 8/9 to me. The font is sharp and very readable. There is some variation in darkness. The red-letter also fades from page to page- ranging from dark to medium red.


The text is presented in two-column, paragraph format.  Poetry is set to verse. OT quotes in the NT are in all-caps and is also set to verse if it’s poetry. The verse numbers for new paragraphs are in bold. I like this layout and I wish this was standard for KJV.

Portions of the text are divided by section headings. The section headings are in bold text and there are lots of them.

One thing I don’t like is the next book of the Bible starts on the same page where the last one ended. I think this paper would be great for making notes and it’s a shame that the room after the book isn’t available. Book introductions are placed in the back. They could be placed before each book and have each book star on a new page.

References and Footnotes

There are 95,000 references in the center column. The references are one of the strengths of this Bible. They are keyed to the text with letters.

Footnotes appear at the bottom of the page under the last verse. They are keyed with numbers. Footnotes include alternate Greek and Hebrew renderings.

Topical Index

The topical index is in the front of the Bible and has 255 pages and 20,000 topics. It is an excellent study tool and one of the strengths of this Bible. One thing I found odd is the topical index and concordance/dictionary contain repeated information. Both contain information as well as references. Sometimes the information in one adds to the other and other times it just repeats. I would prefer to see the topical index to just be an index and have information in the dictionary/concordance. I actually think they could be combined into one resource. This would have the benefit of only having one place to look up anything, saving time and simplifying the study process. There is some theology in some of the entries. Just be aware and do your own study.

Dictionary – Concordance – Thesaurus

The concordance combines with a dictionary to provide 210 pages of information. It’s presented in two columns of text and has 37 entries for God (Deity, Eternal One) and 8 for God (false deity, idols). Like the topical index, the entries do include some theology due to the dictionary portion of the concordance. Use these entries for information only and, like always, do your own study while allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.


There are several tables in the back. These cover:

  • Genealogy of Jesus
  • God’s Promises
  • The Miracles of Jesus
  • OT Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
  • The Parables of Jesus
  • Titles of Christ

Book Introductions

The book introductions are located in the back. They take a paragraph each and cover the major theme of the book.

Reading Plan

The reading plan takes you through the Bible in one year. It has a morning reading and an evening reading.


There are 8 full-color glossy maps printed on heavy card stock. They are annotated well and are easy to use. I wish there was an index to maps.


With its topical index, 95,000 references, and combination of dictionary/concordance/thesaurus, Foundation’s NASB Topical Reference Bible is a good resource for topical study, and for classroom and sermon prep. Its size makes it a great carry Bible. Its price makes it hard to pass up. I would like to see it available in genuine leather but even the hard cover edition is worth having in your library.



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Foundation Publishing provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.