Choosing My Preaching Bible part 5 – Paragraph vs VbV and text only editions

Here are my thoughts on paragraph vs verse-by-verse layouts for preaching. I also discuss text-only editions and compare several that are great for preaching. I also tried some different lighting and got some interesting results.
Bibles mentioned include (some links are affiliates)

New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
Personal Size New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
Cambridge Standard Text
LCBP 215
LCBP 180
TBS Family Bible
Thomas Nelson Large Print Thinline
Thomas Nelson KJV Preaching Bible

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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Heath

    As far as a text Bible goes for reading and preaching, if you had a choice between the tbs Windsor calfskin and a Thomas Nelson ministers kjv calfskin , which would you choose?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Heath. I don’t think I can choose between them. Both have things I like about them. I prefer the darker print of the Minister’s Bible, but I like the color of the paper in the Windsor. I prefer the overall size of the Windsor. The rest just depends if I want section headings or not, red letter or not, minister’s helps, or a glossary, pronunciation guide, and reading plan. As far as construction, the Minister’s Bible wins because of the edge-lined liner. The Windsor’s paste-down liner is nice, but the edge-lining in the Minister’s Bible should last longer. Of course, it’s also more expensive. Because of the edge-lining, the Minister’s Bible is the one I’d take on trips.

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