There are several new Bible releases for March 2018. I’ve divided this month’s releases up by translation simply because that was the easiest way for me to keep them straight this month.

Please keep in mind I’m using the most current information I have available. Things happen (good and bad) and release dates get moved both directions with little advance notice sometimes. I welcome corrections and additions and this post will be updated throughout the month of March 2018 if new information becomes available.

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As I’m sure many of you are aware the Cambridge Turquoise Reference Editions start shipping late this month (update – it’s now been moved to the end of April). Available in more than one black cover direct from Cambridge (page not yet activated) and blue or brown goatskin from Evangelical Bible this is a beautiful Bible. It is a large print KJV reference Bible originally printed in the 1920s being reprinted in premium editions with a redesigned concordance. See Randy’s review here.

Also currently available for pre-order but shipping this month is the Schuyler KJV Personal Size Canterbury.  Identical in pagination to the regular Canterbury this is a lighter more portable version still featuring ornamental drop caps, art gilt edging, and many other premium features. Randy’s review of full size Canterbury here.  The ship date has been moved to early April. Randy’s review of the personal size coming soon.

Schuyler will also be releasing it’s much anticipated Journals later this month. Smyth Sewn and bound in goatskin by Royal Jongbloed these 240 page journals will be available in 5 different colors with lined 70 GSM paper and art gilt edging. Update – there has been a delay in shipping of their products from Europe so all new products release dates have been moved from March to April.

Thomas Nelson will be releasing the KJV Minister’s Bible near the end of the month. It will have the Comfort Print text and many resources for busy pastors including prayers and sermons for baptisms, weddings, dedications, funerals, and a variety of other pastoral care situations. Randy’s review here.

Church Bible Publishers will start selling full yapp Bibles on or around March 10th. These full yapp Bibles will be assembled with hand-made, hand-stitched, made in America, Goatskin covers. The Note Takers red letter edition Bible is definitely one that will be offered with this cover.


The CSB Pulpit Bible was designed for public preaching and teaching. It features a durable genuine leather cover that is Smyth sewn, an easy to read 16 point font, double column text, and end of chapter cross references. It started shipping the first of the month.

The CSB/RVR 1960 Bilingual Bible is designed to be easy to follow with a classic Spanish translation and the modern CSB English translation side by side, the words of Christ in red, and a “where to turn when..” section. The imitation leather cover is already shipped with the hardcover versions soon to follow. Both covers are available in a thumb indexed version that had Spanish tabs.

The CSB Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible was due to ship the middle of the month but it looks like they may have started shipping early. It has the Strong’s numbers on key words in the text of the Bible, annotated Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, book introductions, and other features many are already familiar with alongside the newer CSB translation and wider margins than previous editions.


All the new ESVs are due near the end of the month.

This year is Crossway’s 80th anniversary and to commemorate they are releasing the ESV Omega Thinline Reference Bible: 80th Anniversary Edition. Produced in the Netherlands using goatskin and European Bible paper it features 80,000 cross-references. It has gilt edges, four ribbons, a sewn binding, and a lifetime guarantee.

Randy is really looking forward to the ESV Archaeology Study Bible. Designed to help people understand the historical and cultural context of the Biblical text the ESV Archaeology Study Bible features notes from a team of field-trained archaeologists. It has over 2,000 study notes, 400 full-color photographs, 200 maps and diagrams, and 200 informational sidebars. It also includes 15 longer articles, 4 timelines, and book introductions and will be available in hard cover, leather, and TruTone. Update: The Archaeology Study Bible has been moved to an end of April release date. (review coming near end of April)

The ESV Scripture Journals are available as a set or in 19 separate volumes that include the entire New Testament. These journals feature the full ESV text in single column, paragraph format with the words of Christ in red across from lightly lined blank pages. Designed for recording notes and prayers they are useful for sermon notes, personal reflection, or group Bible studies.


Kregel Publications will be releasing the NKJV A Woman After God’s Own Heart Bible around the middle of the month. It has 250 of the verses that have most impacted author Elizabeth George’s life highlighted along with a variety of other tools. These tools include 25 topical reflections, daily devotionals integrated with a daily reading plan, 150 biographies of women of the Bible and much more. It will be available in three different covers. Update: release date moved to late April

The NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible from Thomas Nelson will also be released around the middle of the month. It will come in 2 different cloth over board covers and imitation leather all of which include a slipcase for protection. Designed for devotionals and extended reading it has the text in single column paragraph format and a sewn lay-flat binding. The chapter and verse numbers are marked in a way to not distract from the reading experience. Randy’s review here.

 The NKJV Vines Expository Bible includes many notes from influential preacher Dr. Jerry Vines. It has 200 detailed sermon outlines, 100 articles with illustrations for living the Christian life, 200 notes about the relevance of Scripture, and 300 word studies. It will be available at the end of the month in genuine and bonded leather. Randy’s review here.

Also available near the end of the month is the NKJV Minister’s Bible. Using the NKJV Comfort Print text it has a sewn, lay-flat binding to make one-handed use easier, and three ribbon markers. There are numerous sermons, readings, outlines, prayers, and more for a variety of pastoral care situations included between the two Testaments. Randy’s review here.


Releasing at the beginning of the month is Immerse:Poets. This is the 5th book in the Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience program. Immerse:Poets will include books of songs (Psalms, Lamentations, Song of Songs) and wisdom writings (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job).  The Immerse Bibles include the text as originally written without chapter and verse breaks in a paperback version. Readability is the main goal of this edition of the Bible, and our family finds these bibles very readable. My review of Immerse:Poets coming soon now posted here, Randy’s review of Immerse: Messiah here.

Near the middle of the month the NIV Journal The Word Reference Bible in Red Letter Edition with Comfort Print text should be available. It will have a side column cross-reference system to go along with the single column text, wide margins, thick paper, and lay flat binding common to all Journal the Word Bibles. Since we are fans of the Comfort Print text and since I end up writing my commonly used references into any Bible that doesn’t have them (which includes most journaling Bibles) I’m really looking forward to seeing this Bible.

John MacArthur’s Preacher’s Bible from Steadfast Bibles and Grace to You will be coming some time in March. You can now purchase The Preacher’s Bible from Grace To You.

Final Thoughts on New Bible Releases for March 2018

There are a lot of Bibles to choose from releasing this month. We are looking forward to seeing quite a few of them. Is there any Bible you are looking forward to finding out more about? Any you are you planning on purchasing from what you know so far? Please let us know in the comments.

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If you know of a Bible releasing in March or a Bible publisher that wasn’t included please contact me at so I can add it(them). You can also contact me if you have a Bible releasing in the next few months so I will be sure to include it in the correct new release post. Please label your email Bible releases.

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