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The KJV Bible Commentary for Today from Thomas Nelson provides a verse-by-verse commentary from multidenominational, conservative scholars. It follows the Zondervan KJV Study Bible. It explains Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and antiquated English words. It parses the intended meanings of the original authors and provides linguistic, historical, and archaeological insights. It also includes 14 maps. This is ISBN 9780310153542, printed in the USA.

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Thomas Nelson provided this commentary in exchange for an honest review. 

Materials, Construction, and Design

The book is hardcover. The block is glued. It does look to have sections, but I don’t see any thread. The paper seems to be in the 30s in GSM. It has a rough texture and is highly opaque. The overall size is 7.5 x 9.5 x 2.25″. It weighs 4 lbs, 4.5 oz.


The commentary is presented in a double-column layout. It provides the chapter and verse numbers and the portion of text the comment corresponds to in bold. The commentary includes an outline that matches the outline in the book introductions. These work as headings that can help you know where you are in the text. The print is around 10 point. It’s dark and easy to read. The format works like any study Bible and it’s easy to use with any Bible. The top of the page shows the book name with the chapter and verse. The left page shows the verse that starts on the page, while the right page shows the last verse on the page. This helps the reader understand where they are in the Bible.

Book Introductions

The preface works as a short introduction to the Old and New Testaments. Each book of the Bible includes a detailed introduction taking around 6 pages. They cover the title, author, date, background, theme and theological message, literary features, a literary outline, a thematic outline, a bibliography, and more. There is a lot of information in the introductions. I especially liked the background information because of the strong historical focus.


The commentary in Bible Commentary for Today is from the Zondervan KJV Study Bible. It focuses on explaining and applying the text. It takes an expository and practical approach for both pastors and lay readers. It’s mostly text, but there are a few charts, lists, etc. Many passages or chapters include an introduction before the commentary starts. The commentary itself mostly explains the text. It also includes definitions of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and archaic English words. The commentary doesn’t go too deep, but it does go deep enough to understand the main points of the text. It’s simple, but it does seem to be thorough. This makes it ideal for anyone regardless of their level of understanding or training.

It does include multiple points of view where practical, which is my preference. For example, Gen 1:1 mentions multiple options for understanding the plural form of Elohim in context. Even if they take a position, they still discuss other views. For example, Gen 1:5 mentions the various views of Yom and shows why they believe it’s referring to 6 literal days. It’s sometimes difficult to understand if they’re drawing a hard conclusion. For example, the discussion of spiritual gifts seems to indicate they’re ongoing, but it’s hard to say for sure.


The 14 maps are printed in monochrome on the same paper as the rest of the book. Some are the same as those used in the Thomas Nelson and Zondervan study Bibles.  Since they’re not in color, they can be a touch difficult to read in certain places on the maps. Some are easier to read than others. Also, it doesn’t include an index. The maps include:

  1. Table of Nations
  2. The Exodus
  3. Canaan Conquest
  4. Kingdom of David and Solomon
  5. Land of the Twelve Tribes
  6. Israel in the Time of the Kings
  7. Babylonian Empire
  8. Persian Empire
  9. Assyrian Empire
  10. Holy Land in the Time of Jesus
  11. Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus
  12. Roman Empire
  13. Paul’s Journeys
  14. The Seven Churches of Revelation

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You can purchase the KJV Bible Commentary for Today at Amazon and Christianbook.

Ending Thoughts on Bible Commentary for Today

The Thomas Nelson Bible Commentary for Today is an excellent one-volume commentary. It’s an excellent resource for study and sermon prep. I like that it provides multiple points of view, even when they do choose a view as the correct one. If you’re interested in a commentary in a single volume, Thomas Nelson’s Bible Commentary for Today is a good choice.

Thomas Nelson provided this commentary in exchange for an honest review. 

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Alexander Thomson

    Dear Randy,
    Thanks for this review.
    This Bible Commentary might just be what I’m looking for, to recommend to several folk who are interested in a n evangelical/conservative commentary that’s between basic and academic.
    Are you yet linked to Amazon UK?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Alexander. As far as I know, my links work regardless of where you are. Thanks for checking!

  2. Alexander thomson

    Randy, Just to report that I have had favourable comments from some folks to whom I passed on the review of this work! Well done!


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