I’m a fan of Amazon’s Fire tablets. They’re not as powerful as Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxies, but they’re still great for general usage and they’re great for the money. I use typical Bible software, the Kindle app, Microsoft Office, and a PDF app. That’s about it. I usually upgrade every other generation. Logos Bible software can be difficult for older tablets to run smoothly, and I use it for preaching and study. My last Fire 10 was the 9th generation, so it’s time to upgrade to the 11th generation, known as the Fire Max 11 (affiliate). This time, Amazon updated the Fire tablet to bring it closer to the iPad and Galaxy tablets. I purchased the 64GB edition with the keyboard case and pen.

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  2. Hardware
  3. Keyboard Case
  4. Pen
  5. Comparisons
  6. Conclusion

Video Review

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The Fire Max 11 has an 11-inch screen with a resolution of 2000 x 1200. The processor is an octa-core running faster than the previous editions. It includes 4GB of RAM, and it’s available with 64GB or 128GB of storage, and this can be expanded with up to a 1TB micro SD card. I went with the 64GB, and I’ll add an SD card if I need more storage. The battery is rated at 14 hours of typical usage.


The body is sturdy aluminum. This is the best case I’ve seen on a Fire tablet. It feels a lot like the Kindle Oasis. It feels like something I could use on the go and for business. The edges of the case don’t come all the way up the sides. This exposes the edge of the screen.


It looks sharp and bright. It’s bright enough to see outside in direct sunlight, but it’s not something you’d want to use for long. It’s great for use in the shade.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor works well. I haven’t had a single issue with it not recognizing my fingerprint. It’s recommended to add both your right and left hand so you can turn it on in landscape or portrait mode. I use landscape mode when using the keyboard and portrait mode for everything else.

Running Apps

The Fire Max 11 is noticeably faster than my 9th gen Fire 10. All the apps I’ve tried open fast and operate smoothly. This includes Microsoft 365, Logos, Kindle, several drawing apps, and Minecraft. Logos Bible software is the most intensive app I use, and it gives my 9th-gen Fire 10 trouble. The Fire Max 11 is more than fast enough for Logos Bible software. I haven’t used Alexa mode. The split screen mode is easy to use and runs with no trouble.


Taken with the Fire Max 11

Fire Max 11’s cameras are a major upgrade with 8MP front and back. The photo and image quality looks great. I think they would be fine for interviews and meetings. I’m not sure about recording videos for YouTube. The video seems good. The audio quality is meh. It’s too quiet but does sound clear. I don’t find the Fire camera and photo app to be intuitive, but I’m used to Android. I’ve included a video sample in the video review. The images were HEIC files and I don’t have an app that opens them. I converted them to JPG with an online converter tool.

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Keyboard Case

The Fire Max 11 keyboard case attaches magnetically and includes both a front and back cover for the tablet. The back case includes a kickstand that gives you any angle you want. It sits well in the lap, so you can read, play, or watch something without having to hold the tablet.

I was surprised at how well the keyboard works. It attaches to the tablet magnetically and works out of the box. The spacing on the keys took a minute to get used to, but it feels like a good keyboard. It doesn’t feel cheap or too crowded.

This was written with the Fire Max 11 Keyboard. This is a good keyboard. I’m too used to my desktop keyboard, but this one feels comfortable. I like it. I’m typing this with the keyboard and tablet in my lap sitting like a laptop. I’m surprised at how well this works.  

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The Fire Max 11 pen works great out of the box. It connects automatically. Just install the battery and start using it. No setup is required. As soon as you use it you’ll see a few popups showing how to use it. The pen magnetically attaches to the left side of the tablet. I’m concerned about losing it, but I’ll just need to be careful.

It has a lot of options for using it, such as converting handwriting to text. I do notice different levels of pressure, making thick or thin lines based on how hard I press. The erase feature is also easy to use. The lines lag behind a little as you write or draw, but it seems accurate once it’s marked on the screen. You can’t use the pen and touch the screen at the same time. I’d buy it again. I plan to do a lot of drawing on this tablet. I’d like to place the pen on the right of the tablet instead of only on the left. It connects well, but I am concerned about losing it. It comes with an extra tip and the tool to replace it with instructions.


9th Gen Fire 10

Here’s how the Fire Max 11 looks compared to the 9th gen Fire 10. The 9th generation is plastic and has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It also has an octa-core processor, but it’s much slower than the 11th generation. The Logos Bible app causes it to struggle a little. The screen is a little bluer than the Fire Max 11.

9th Generation iPad

The 9th generation iPad is an awesome tablet. The screen is wider and it has a slightly warmer shade. This tablet has no trouble running Logos and it loads a lot faster. It’s the one I’d recommend if the money wasn’t an issue. The Fire Max 11 is a better choice if you just need a few apps, you don’t want to spend as much, but you still want a quality device.

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The Fire Max 11 is my favorite Amazon Fire device. The build quality is excellent. It’s fast enough for general usage and the build quality is excellent. The cameras are great for meetings, but I don’t think I want to record YouTube videos with them. They look good, but the sound quality isn’t loud enough. I’d recommend using a lapel mic. If you’re looking for a high-end tablet or a lot of apps, then I’d recommend the 9th-generation iPad. However, if Amazon has the apps you need and you don’t want to spend the money on an iPad, I highly recommend the Fire Max 11. This will be my preaching tablet and laptop replacement for the next few years.

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