Ask Bible Buying Guide: Hebrew Greek Keyword Study Bible vs Word Study Bible

In this Ask Bible Buying Guide I compare the NKJV Keyword Study Bible to the KJV Word Study Bible.

Sophie says:

I am going to buy a Key Word Study Bible, and I have several questions.
The NKJV version has far more pages (2,684) than the NASB and ESV versions (respectively 2,368 and 2,156). Why such a difference and which version would be better if there are any difference in the content, other than the translation?
And, what are the differences between the AMG Keyword Study Bible and the NKJV Key Word Study Bible published by Thomas Nelson? If I have to choose between these two, which one would you suggest? I have learned biblical greek but not (yet) hebrew.

You can see the individual reviews here:

NKJV Keyword Study Bible

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KJV Word Study Bible

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  1. Jordan

    I think the AMG Key Word is a much better study bible for digging into the original languages than Nelsons Word Study Bible, AMG’s has grammatical notations in the NT, and the word studies for the words are of a better quality in my opinion.

  2. amanda

    The Complete Word Study Old Testament and The Complete Word Study New Testament books do have every word keyed to Strong’s as well as more Grammatical Codes. They are the partner books to the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible.


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