It’s time again for our list of 12 Bibles for Christmas. This is our list of Bibles that stood out to us from those that we reviewed this year. I’ve posted links to each of the reviews and I’ll mention what stands out to me. The Bibles are in no particular order.

1. Treveris

The Treveris from Schuyler presents the KJV in a single column paragraph layout with poetry in stanzas and Old Testament quotes in the New Testament indented. Verse numbers are placed in the margins, making it an excellent Bible for reading. It’s a hand-size Bible with a dark 10-point font in red-letter.

2. Canterbury

The Schuyler Canterbury was released in the high-quality 28GSM Indopaque French paper. The self-pronouncing marks have been removed and it’s now in red-letter.

3. NASB Single Column Reference

The Premier Collection Thomas Nelson NASB SCR places the 1995 NASB in a verse-by-verse single column layout with references next to the text and a wide outer margin.

4. NRSV Single Column Reference

The Premier Collection Zondervan NRSV SCR places the NRSV in a single column paragraph layout with references next to the text and a wide outer margin.

5. Abide Bible

The Thomas Nelson Abide Bible is available in NKJV and NET. It places the text in a single column paragraph layout with reading and study prompts in the outer margin. The prompts get you to think deeper about the text. It also includes artwork with prompts.

6. Filament Thinline

Tyndale’s Filament was released in NLT and KJV thinline editions. The NLT is available in regular size and large print, while the KJV is only available in large print. It’s a clean design that can be used with the free Filament app.

7. NKJV Personal Size Large Print Reference Bible

The Thomas Nelson NKJV Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible places the NKJV text in a double-column verse-by-verse layout. The Deluxe edition looks more expensive than it is. It’s perfect for preaching, teaching, study, and following along with someone.

8. CSB Verse-by-verse

Holman’s CSB Verse-by-verse Reference Bible presents the CSB in a double-column v-b-v layout with red verse numbers and highlights. The 36gsm paper is some of the most opaque I’ve seen. This is a goatskin edition and it’s the highest quality CSB that I’ve seen.

9. CBP Interleaved

Church Bible Publisher’s Interleaved KJV Bible is their own design. It uses the 8-point thinline text from several years ago (they’re making the thinline next year with red-letter) and places a page for notes between every Bible page.

10. KJV Giant Print Thinline

Thomas Nelson’s KJV Giant Print Thinline is available in imitation leather and goatskin. This Bible is clean and is a great choice for preaching.

11. NASB Journal the Word

Zondervan’s NASB Journal the Word is a v-b-v single-column 1995 NASB with a 2″ outer margin for notes. The references are placed in the inner margin.

12. God’s Word Deluxe Wide Margin

God’s Word Deluxe Wide Margin Bible is a large print single-column paragraph edition of God’s Word translation that looks amazing. The paper is some of the best available. This is an excellent Bible for journaling.


There were a lot of good Bibles released this year and it was difficult narrowing this list down to 12, so here’s a short list of honorable mentions:

My thanks to Bible publishers for continuing to produce amazing Bibles during this difficult year.

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We’ve done this list since 2015. There were too many good Bibles in 2018 and 2019, so the lists grew those years, but I’ve done my best to bring the list back to 12. We haven’t updated some of the images for older articles (we lost them in our server issues), but you can see our previous lists here:

What are your favorite Bibles for 2020? Let us know in the comments.