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Coming Soon – Update – KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible from Hendrickson Publishers

Back in December I mentioned the return of one of my favorite wide-margin Bibles, Hendrickson’s KJV Large Print Wide Margin. This is one of my favorites because it has large print and headings in the text- two things not found in any other KJV wide-margin Bible that I know of. It’s due in May, so it’s still in the final stages of production and is still subject to change, but here’s the information from Hendrickson’s catalog (thanks to Meghan from Hendrickson): Hendrickson reintroduces its popular Large Print Wide Margin Reference Bible— but now with a fresh, new setting of the King James Version Bible. This special edition of the KJV provides generous margins on three sides of every page, which leaves plenty of room for recording sermon notes, personal reflections on the Bible, and study group notes. End-of-verse cross-references help readers follow a topic throughout the Bible, and a brand new concordance provides helpful guidance on locating where particular words are to be found in the text.   Special Features: • Extra-wide side and bottom margins for making detailed notes • Easy-to-read 11-point type • End-of-verse cross-references • 76-page concordance to aid in-depth study • Personal presentation page • Ribbon marker (Flexisoft, Bonded & Genuine Leather) • Gilded page edges (Flexisoft, Bonded & Genuine...

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Bibles of 2012

2012 saw a lot of amazing Bibles and we reviewed a few of them here at Bible Buying Guide. Here’s a quick look at the 2012 releases and links to our reviews: We started the year with the Cambridge Concord in calf-split leather, a fine specimen of Bible craftsmanship. This is a new cover for the original Concord. It’s much stiffer than calfskin and has a nice pebbly grain. It is a nice size and has a bold 8-point font. The red-letter is sharp and bold. The paper is very nice and opaque. The Concord has a great set of study tools with a glossary and dictionary, making the Concord a fine study and reading Bible.   Hendrickson released the AW Tozer Bible that included over 500 selections from 40 volumes of writings from 20th century writer AW Tozer. Tozer’s writings are presented in three categories called On Scripture, Reflections, and Challenges. The AW Tozer Bible can be used as a study Bible and devotional Bible.   New Leaf Press released the Henry Morris Study Bible, a large print study Bible with the focus on young earth creationism from the writings of Henry Morris. It includes commentary with a focus on creation and 22 appendixes that cover creation, science, the flood, the Bible, and more.   One of our most popular reviews was the Cambridge Clarion ESV. It follows the layout design of...

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Hendrickson KJV Fire Bible Review

  Hendrickson’s Fire Bible series is an improved version of the original Full Life Study Bible. It’s an all-in-one reference library for Pentecostal Christians. It was originally developed for Pentecostal Pastors and lay-leaders as a tool for preaching, teaching, and outreach. The Fire Bible has been available for a while in NIV and is now available in KJV. I am reviewing the hard cover edition. Features include: Paragraph format 10-point font Red-letter Themefinders – 12 major Pentecostal themes More than 70 articles on historical and theological topics Study notes for key verses Book introductions Subject index Cross-references and textual notes Section headings Concordance In-text maps and charts One-year reading plan Color maps 9.50″ x 7.00″ x 2.00″ It is available from: Christianbook: Fire Bible KJV version, hardcover Amazon:  Fire Bible: King James Version: A Study Bible for Spirit-led Living (Bible Kjv) Cover and Binding This edition is hard cover. It is also available in imitation leather with 2 ‘his and her’ design options. One is blue with black and grey. The other is pink with khaki, red, and tan. The binding is sewn. Layout The layout of the Fire Bible is different from the Full Life Study Bible. It is still two columns, but the text is now in paragraph format. The verse numbers are large and in bold, so verses are easy to find (which has always been an...

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Topical Reference Bible – Complete Analytical Study Edition KJV Review

  Some back story I was first introduced to the Topical Reference Bible in 1992. I bought it from a Preacher that was preaching in a tent revival that we were supporting. I was playing guitar in the revival (I am a Church musician). The edition I bought was published in 1985 by Dugan Publishers. It became my carry and study Bible until I got a genuine leather Thompson for $7.00. I was developing my marking methods and wanted a new Bible to start over. I used the Thompson for many years, but I missed my Dugan (which was...

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Coming Soon – KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible from Hendrickson Publishers

Due 5/15/2013, Hendrickson Publishers is producing a Large Print Wide Margin Bible in KJV. It will be available in hard cover, brown imitation leather, black bonded leather, and black genuine leather. Here are the preliminary specs: 1632 pages 10 x 7 Stay tuned for details as they are made...

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