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RL Allan’s Longprimer has recently undergone an update using cleaner scans from a vintage copy in the 1952-1958 era from Charles Batey, the Printer to the University of Oxford at the time. The older pages retain the clear type as opposed to later editions that have ink that’s spread.

It will be available in highland goatskin in black, brown, crimson, and navy.

You can pre-order from here:



Here’s the 2011 review of the older 53br in brown highland goatksin

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  1. James

    Greetings Randy,

    Not sure if you take requests, but I would love to see a comparison between the:
    a) Longprimer 53 (old edition with the 32gsm)
    b) Longprimer 53 (updated with the 36gsm)
    c) Longprimer Sovereign (with its 38gsm and wider proportions)

    From what I researched the updated edition is a 1/4″ thicker, the gsm updated from 32-36, cleaner print, but not as bold as the previous edition.

    I was hoping to see videos on youtube comparing the,, but none yet.
    I would love for the community of Bible Geeks to have a good source to go to for this.
    Since your site is one of my favorite. 🙂

    Greatly appreciate your time, website, and reviews.

    All in perfect (mature) balance & priorities in order so as not to take you away from any family obligations or personal alone time with the “Greatest Daddy in the Universe,” our Heavenly Father. 😉

    • Randy A Brown

      Thanks James! I appreciate the kind words. We do take requests and I love the idea of comparing the various Longprimers. I still have the older 53 but I don’t have the updated or the 63. If I can ever get them I’ll do photo and video comparisons.

    • Brian morgan

      James, I have both the “older” and “newer” 53 editions. If still interested, email me at 1996bmorgan@gmail.com and I can send you pics. They are different. Don’t fear emailing me, I am a real person; a Bible “geek” that Randy can vouch for. He has been very helpful to me on prior purchases. (His post on photo comparison between Concord and Longprimer was on my behalf:) )

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