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Coming Soon: Cambridge Clarion KJV Reference Bible

To mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, Cambridge will release an entirely new setting of the Bible in August. This Bible is designed to have a comfortable text and a new format that will become a staple in Cambridge Bibles for years to come. Some of the features include: Single-column text Paragraph format Side-column references 8.75 Lexicon 1 font Black letter Lightweight paper Art gilt pages Translators to the Reader Reader’s Companion 16 pages of Maps with index 2 ribbon markers Sewn binding 3 cover styles- black goatskin, black calfskin, brown calfskin Presentation page 7.5 x 5.5 x...

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Creation and the Second Coming by Henry M Morris

Creation and the Second Coming is unique among both Creation and Prophecy genre’s in that it shows how the two are intertwined. Morris shows from Scripture that in order to understand the end-times you must understand the beginning. Morris covers topics such as evolution, Darwinism, slavery, apostasy, occultism, and even science and technology, and shows how they correspond to the end-time events. Morris also steps through the end-time events such as Gog and Magog, Israel becoming a nation, Babylon, the seven-year tribulation, Daniel’s 70th week, the two witnesses, the image of the beast, the woman in the wilderness, the anti-christ, the millennium, the final judgment, and more, and shows how this war of Satan’s began at the beginning. This is primarily a book on prophecy, but instead of only focusing on the end-times Morris shows events in history, such as the trouble in the Middle East, and how they all tie together with end-time events. Morris shows how the signs that are given in Scripture of the second coming directly stem from humanism. Morris even explains why we can’t know the time of the rapture. This book is a fascinating look into end-time events. I was especially interested in the points about science. This book is much needed because it not only covers the ‘how’ of the end-time, but also covers the ‘why’. Without the ‘why’, the purpose of...

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Cambridge Transetto Edition KJV

The Transetto from Cambridge is a new concept in printing design. It’s printed in landscape format, opening vertically rather than horizontally, making it both easy to carry and easy to read. When opened, the pages appear in portrait format as a single page with two columns of text. The Transetto cover is a thick card-stock that is not attached on one side. This allows the text-block to bend the gutter up so the pages blend together and appear as one page. This works well because it is a sewn binding with India paper. The page numbers and book names are printed so that if you open the Bible like a standard book you can easily thumb through to the book you’re looking for. The font is small but still easy to read. It seems like about a 6-point, but that’s just a guess. The text is neither verse nor paragraph format. Each chapter is printed as one paragraph with large chapter numbers breaking the paragraphs up. It does have the standard KJV paragraph symbols (known as pilcrow). Both the chapter numbers and paragraph markers are a nice green. There is also a daily reading plan to read the Bible through in a year. For its size (4.6 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches opening to about 4.5 x 6), the Transetto is a handy little Bible. It is easy to...

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