Thomas Nelson Bible Previews at CPE

I got to meet with the Thomas Nelson crew at the Christian Product Expo and see many of the upcoming Bibles in NKJV and the NET translations. They provided a preview of several new Bibles and I was honored to be a guest on their Facebook Live to show the NKJV Verse-by-verse Center-column Reference in the Premier Collection. Here are the videos from the show.

NET Bible

Here’s a look at the NET Full Notes edition. It was typeset by 2K/Denmark based on the Renaissance settings where notes surround the text. The Comfort Print font is around 9-point and uses the same paper as the current Thomas Nelson study Bibles. It has 60,000 updated translator notes. This one is brown genuine leather. It’s currently available for pre-order and will be released October 1st, 2019.

NKJV VBV Premier Collection

This is the NKJV Verse-by-verse Center-column Reference Edition in the Premier Collection. It has a 10-point font in red-letter, 72k center-column references, concordance, maps, line-matching, 36gsm premium paper, and edge-lined goatskin with spine ribs. It also has 3 double-sided satin ribbons and red under gold gilding. It’s currently available for pre-order and releases October 8th.

MacArthur Study Bible Premier Collection

This is the 2nd edition NKJV MacArthur Study Bible in brown goatskin. It’s been updated and is now printed in 9-point Comfort Print type on 39gsm premium paper. It’s line-matched for the text and the notes. The brown goatskin includes raised spine ribs. It also has 3 double-sided satin ribbons and red under gold gilding. It’s available for pre-order and releases September 28th.

Ending Thoughts

I appreciate the Thomas Nelson crew for spending time with me at the show. They did send these three Bibles home with me, so you can expect to see detailed reviews in the next few weeks.

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. jim hilbrant

    thanks Randy for the brief show and tell on this Bible, looking forward to your full review.

  2. Prentiss Yeates

    Thank you and thank Thomas Nelson. The NET bible project should be on every bible teacher shelf. Back in the day, Cromwell bonded leather was used as a cover, hope that option is available.
    The MacArthur Study Bible is probably the best expositors Study Bible made by a minister of the gospel.
    Thank you, I would gladly downsize, to afford both.

  3. Don wells

    I am looking for a reference NCV leather bible with large print. Do you have one available?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Don. We don’t sell Bibles (we’re just a review site), but you might want to check Amazon or Christianbook.

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