KJV My Creative Bible Review

There is a lot of demand right now for Bibles that are easy to art journal in. To meet this demand Christian Art Publishers has developed the KJV My Creative Bible. Using the translation that many of us are most familiar with they have added beautiful covers and lots of blank space for people to work with. They have also included over 300 line drawings of some of the most frequently illustrated verses and words.


 It comes in several cover options including:

A dark pink LuxeLeather hardcover binding with floral debossing, multicolor rose print page edges, a dark pink ribbon, and an elastic strap. (This is the one I bought for myself)

A floral Flexcover edition with intricate pink print page edges and a dark pink ribbon. The cover feels like vinyl over cardboard and has a bit of a silk-like sheen to it. (My daughter loves this one) The Flexcover comes in a full box which the hardcover editions do not have.

A brown LuxeLeather hardcover binding with a filigree frame debossed on it, plain page edges, a brown ribbon marker, and an elastic strap. If my husband, son, or female cousin (who isn’t very fond of pink or flowers) were going to buy one they would definitely choose this version. I’ve seen this listed as tan on a few websites and a few pictures of it look red but it is a rich warm brown.

They have an aqua LuxeLeather hardcover Bible without debossing and with an aqua floral pattern on the paper edges coming soon.

The liner is paper with illustrated verses about the beginning and the end. The thicker liner paper would be great for a large number of art mediums.

The overall size seems about standard for journaling bibles measuring about 8.125″ x 6.375″ x 1.625″ for the hardcovers. The Flexcover is just barely taller, wider, and thinner but you probably wouldn’t notice without a ruler.


The paper is a creamy off-white and very easy to write on. Randy says it is about 38gsm.

The paper is thin enough for there to be some bleed through, especially of the artwork, but I haven’t found it to be a problem while using it in church.

If I could change one thing about this Bible it would be to have slightly less see-through pages. Of course knowing that would most likely make it thicker, heavier, and more expensive maybe I would prefer it the way it is.


The font size is 8.65, the largest yet for single column journaling bibles. It’s black letter and very easy to read. The headings are bold enough to notice but not distracting.

The text is set in a single column. It is arranged in the verse by verse format common in KJV Bibles. The text column is 3 5/8 inches wide and the margin is 2 inches wide. The header has page numbers in the outer corners and book name, chapter, and verse numbers in the center.

The side columns without drawings have 36 evenly spaced lines useful for notes or as guides for the spacing of your artwork.


The artwork is what sets these Bibles apart. My Creative Bible has nearly 400 black and white originally hand-drawn illustrations. These are perfect for coloring in with whatever art medium you feel most comfortable with.

I love these Bibles with drawings in them. Any artwork could serve as inspiration but these colorable ones seem to invite you to interact with the pages. They make it a lot easier for the timid among us to get started. I can also see where they would be great even for experienced art journalers, so they can be creative even on days when they lack the time or inspiration to start from scratch.

Most of the illustrations are the designed scripture verses but besides the illustrations for title pages, and end pages they also include hand-drawn book headings,

designed word art,

and a few full-page illustrations.

With the wide variety of subjects and styles included there are pages sure to be favorites for everyone.


There is an Index of Designed Scripture Verses at the back of the Bible. Organized by books, it lists chapter, verse, and page number to make it easy to find all the illustrations. The Designed Word Art is also included in the index. There are two blank pages (and two of the index pages are only half full) so you could make a list of some of the artwork you add if you would like to.


Bible journaling and adult coloring books are both very popular right now. The KJV My Creative Bible blends the two beautifully. With close to 400 drawings for you to color and lots of room for you to add your own notes and drawings, this Bible is a good choice for those wanting to get started with creative journaling and those looking for a new Bible to continue their Bible art journey in.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working in mine so far (applying the gesso the first time was a bit scary though). I will have a post up April 15th with examples of different mediums in this Bible including a few shots of what the back of my pages looks like. I hope you check back then.

Click here to buy:

My Creative Bible KJV: Silken Flexcover Bible for Creative Journaling

My Creative Bible KJV: Pink Hardcover Bible for Creative Journaling

My Creative Bible KJV: Brown Hardcover Bible for Creative Journaling

My Creative Bible KJV: Aqua Hardcover Bible for Creative Journaling

Are you thinking of buying this Bible? Do you already own one? What do you think of it? Do you have a favorite drawing? Please let us know in the comments.


I purchased the pink edition of this Bible for review and personal use and was sent the other two editions free to assist with this review and future posts incorporating this Bible. I was not required to give a positive review only an honest one.

About The Author

Lucinda Brown

Homemaker, Pastor's Wife, and former homeschooler (my kids graduated). I love to read (especially God's Word) but am a reluctant writer. Besides reading I enjoy cooking, gardening, and a large variety of crafts. I don't consider myself an expert at any craft and am always finding new crafts and art mediums I want to try.


  1. Mary

    I had so much trouble trying to decide if I wanted this Bible or the Inspire Bible. I finally went with the Inspire and ordered it. In the meantime, I came across the My Creative Bible in my Christian bookstore and couldn’t resist it! It is a beautiful Bible and I’ve been enjoying it. So far, I’ve just been using prismacolor pencils and gel pens. I’m too nervous to attempt drawing or writing anything myself yet. I really like the art in the My Creative Bible, especially the one you showed in your review with the fruit in Galatians. Is there a particular brand of gesso you recommend? Thanks for the review.

  2. Lucinda Brown

    I’m glad I had a chance to get them both myself.
    It can be very nerve-wracking trying new things. I’m having that problem while working on my various art medium posts for the two Bibles.
    The only gesso I’ve personally used in a Bible is Prima Marketing Art Basics Gesso in clear. So far it’s worked very well. It was highly recommended by a number of other art journalers online. Another one a lot of them recommended is Liquitex Matte Gel (make sure NOT to get the heavy )I know from various art classes that gesso comes in different colors, thicknesses, shines, and textures and for use in a Bible you want something clear (sometimes called transparent), light, matte (no shine), and with as little texture as possible. Good luck.

  3. Lori Sears

    I would live to but the creative Bible, but would like it in NIV. Is it available?

    • Lucinda Brown

      Currently the My Creative Bible is available only in KJV and the similar Inspire Bible is available only in NLT. The Beautiful Word Bible (with the artwork completely done instead of line drawings to color) is available in NIV but the pages are thinner so you’d be limited in the art mediums you could use in it. The Bible publishers haven’t informed us of any other Bibles of this style yet, but when they do we’ll be sure and post coming soon articles.

    • Lucinda Brown

      There is the NIV Journal Edition (and the coming soon) NIV Journal the Word Bible with space for journaling but no drawings and the NIV “Wonders of Creation” Bible coming in November with pictures to color but without the wide margins for your own artwork.
      Besides the My Creative Bible (KJV) and the Inspire Bible (NLT) there is a HCSB Illustrators Notetaking Bible that recently released and an MEV Promises of God Creative Journaling Bible coming soon with both line illustrations to color and wide margins for your own art or notes.


    Are the Bibles’ illustrations the same for all three bibles? Did one have more than the other? Such a tough decision!

    • Lucinda Brown

      Yes, all three of the My Creative Bibles have exactly the same illustrations. The only difference in them is the covers and page edges.

  5. Bec

    What is the paper like for copics or markers?

    • Lucinda Brown

      I have to confess to not owning any Copic Markers. (One more thing to add to my wish list).
      Some markers will work others definitely won’t. Gel pens show through slightly but don’t bleed through unless you overwork them, same for my Hampton Art Calligraphy markers. The Crayola Doodle Scents markers we own show through more noticeably and sometimes bleed through slightly. I would definitely avoid Sharpies and high-lighters (unless specifically designed for Bibles).
      If you want to use markers that might bleed one option is to prep the paper with clear Gesso.

    • Lucinda Brown

      I have learned that Copic and other alcohol based markers should never be used on Bible paper without a gesso layer. Alcohol markers tend to eat away at any paper and Bible paper is generally thin to keep the bibles from being too big and heavy. If you want to try alcohol markers in your Bible I would recommend three thin coats of either Art Basics or Dina Wakley clear gesso. That should leave you a layer of gesso to prevent bleed through after a bit of the gesso has been dissolved by the marker

  6. Lucinda Brown

    My daughter would like to add: If a marker does bleed through more than you expected you can use stickers or washi tape on the other side to cover the bleed through. I would recommend using a protective sheet between the pages until you know how well a certain art medium will work so all you have to worry about is the back side of that one sheet.



    • Lucinda Brown

      There’s not one yet. A NKJV version of the Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible is due out in late October. You can see the review of the HCSB version here. It’s the only NKJV I’m currently aware of with line drawn illustrations.

    • Constance

      I’ve wanted this bible, but does it have Jesus’s words in red? I want it to have his words in red

  8. Antonia García

    Does this bible leave out scripture? I read comments on Amazon and people said they did and we’re disappointed.

    • Lucinda Brown

      This Bible contains the full text of the KJV translation of the Bible. I found one review that referred to 31 missing chapters but that was a defective copy of this Bible that could be exchanged.

    • Judi Altgilbers

      I’ve done a lot of research on this Bible. As a Bible grad…but more importantly a child of God I am extremely picky if buying a Bible to give away. I’ve found this Bible does leave out many verses and changes some if the wirding of others. In doing so it changes the meaning of the verses. I had to study the Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic words and learn to check the meaning. So when I see them changing the meaning of a verse by changing one word…..I can’t trust it. I don’t care they added the other books left out. I know why they were left out originally. I actually bought the lost books long ago. But if you read the last few verses of Revelation dictated to Apostle John….it says very clearly what happens if someone adds to or takes away from God’s Word. In these days when one can speak of any God but Jesus? I’m very leary with a Bible like this always being back ordered. I own 37 Bible’s and have given more….all of them have areas for writing, drawing, dictionary, artwork……we know the will of God by His word. When we remind God of His word…He moves on it. I would hate for someone to need something from God and the very verse they need most is not to be found. Heads up….Jesus is not popular except to those who love Him. Something is not right here


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