The Jesus Dare Review

We recently received a copy of The Jesus Dare. The author, Jay Payleitner, is one of the people we got to speak with at CPE a few weeks ago.

ISBN: 9781684086788

I was given this book in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest one.


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This is a small easy to read book. It has 157 pages and measures only 6.5″ x 4.25″ x o.25″. Each chapter starts with scripture and the entire book could easily be read in a week or even in a single night.

The book starts with the challenge to the reader What if Jesus really is who He says He is? and ends with a dare to except God and start living for him. It’s divided into several short chapters (2 to 7 pages not counting the title page) that each deals with a single point. It guides the reader through most of the major benefits of becoming a child of God and deals with most of the major problems people have with the Bible and the church.

While none of the chapters is very in-depth there is enough here to get most people thinking. And chances are a chapter or two deals with the biggest issue anyone on either side of the fence but wavering has. Many who are firmly convinced of their faith can learn something as well, especially about what other people’s issues might be and how to give basic explanations.

I highly recommend the “Who Are You Calling a Sinner”, “Worth Mentioning”, and “The Problem with Religion ” chapters. “Who Are You Calling a Sinner” gives a good definition of sin and shows that not only do we need God to define sin but to establish morality. “Worth Mentioning” gives a brief description of miracles and angels. “The Problem with Religion ” deals with the objection many give saying hasn’t religion, especially Christianity, been responsible for a lot of bad things in history.

The Jesus Dare is primarily aimed and winning new converts. While I have a more conservative view of the plan of salvation than what is presented in this book I still think it could help a lot of people who are searching make their first step towards God. I also think it might help some who are questioning their faith stay in church.

It would also be a good choice for those who plan to try and evangelize others. I think it will help them better understand some of the roadblocks preventing people from coming to God and have answers to some of our current society’s complaints.

You can find out more about the dare (as well as a variety of extra resources) at  You can find out more about Jay Payleitner, and many of the other books he has written, at

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