Quick Look – Hendrickson KJV Expressions Bible


Another beautiful journaling Bible with red letter arrived today, the Hendrickson KJV Expressions Bible.


Besides this brown embossed (debossed?) hardcover it is also available in plain black or red, yellow, and teal print.


It has a double column, paragraph format and 2″ lined margins. It includes a harmony of the gospels and a few other scripture lists in the back.


The red lettering is a dark rich red and it has an 8 point font. The paper seems to be the standard journaling Bible paper that should be sturdy enough for most applications.

I’m looking forward to working with this Bible (and Randy is buying his own copy). A full review as well as a various art mediums post and a step-by-step using this Bible will be coming soon.


This Bible is available for order (or preorder) at:

Christian Book



and many local Bible bookstores



Photography by hannah C brown

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  1. JC

    So there is no space for notes beside the inner column? We’re forced to go clear over to the outside column on the opposite side of the page? Who designs these bibles? Have they never heard of a “single column layout”? And is it too much to ask for Hendrickson to include the ENTIRE translation? i.e. the KJV marginal notes? They just keep publishing the same foolishness and never learn or improve anything.

  2. Lane

    It must just be too much of a strain for Hendrickson’s bible editors to include the marginal notes and implement an intelligent layout. Just way too much work for them. If I was the CEO of Hendrickson, and my visionless, passionless, bible editors were hurting my sales and disappointing my customers, heads would roll and pink slips would fly.

  3. Bob

    Are there any page subject headings?

  4. Kevin D.

    Another thing I don’t like is the lack of space in between the verse number and the first word of the sentence. It’s crowded.


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