Holman Journaling Bible KJV – Quick Look

Here’s a quick look at Holman’s KJV edition of the Journaling Bible. It uses the same cover and paper as the NKJV and HCSB editions.

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  1. Debby

    I am really interested in the thickness of the paper which no one addresses

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Debby. I don’t know the exact gsm, but to my fingers it feels somewhere between 36-38.

    • Randy Brown

      I’ve asked my contact at Holman. I’ll let you know what they say.

  2. Justin Lawson

    How are the Psalms layed out?

    • Randy Brown

      Everything is standard verse-by-verse. I wanted poetry to be set in poetic verse like the NKJV, but it’s just a standard KJV setting just in single column. The same goes for OT quotes and letters. There’s nothing to make them look any different than anything else.

  3. John M

    I like the layout except for the excessive self-pronouncing text. Do we really need it on Jesus? Perhaps this would be good for someone who has English as a second language but it would drive me nuts after a few pages.

  4. RCal

    This small print, plain text KJV journaling bible with annoying self-pronunciation on every common 2-syllable word is a “do over”. And where are the KJV’s marginal footnotes??? They’re part of the translation.

  5. Clark

    2015 and Holman still can’t get the essentials right. What a shame.


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