Our 5th Anniversary and Changes

As we prepare to celebrate Bible Buying Guide’s 5th anniversary (April 23rd, woo hoo!) we’ve decided to expand into the magazine we wanted to be when we started, including a publishing schedule. Our primary focus will always be Bible reviews but we’ll be adding reviews of accessories (journals, markers, etc), news, tutorials (art-journaling, marking, study, etc.), hardware and software, etc.

I’m starting with a new design. We used the same design since we started and now I want to expand with more features (such as a review system). To begin with it will work mostly the same as before, but as I continue to develop the site it will slowly turn into a magazine with features on the home page. Eventually it will have a magazine home-page rather than a blog-style home-page. So what you see here will slowly change into what we want it to be.

Another change you’ll notice is the menu system. I’ve had issues with the menu for a while and it’s time to fix it. Now it’s easier to use but doesn’t have as many items to navigate with. Most readers prefer to search for publishers and select the translation from the menu. If it’s too difficult to use it won’t get used at all. I’m considering a mega-menu with alternate navigation pages. We’ll see how this one works for now though.

In case you want to compare, here’s our old theme:


About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Dan

    I still hope your wonderful blog would still be primarily a Bible review and buying guide. Cheers!

    • Randy Brown

      Thanks Dan. It definitely will, and our layout will help highlight the Bible reviews and keep everything else out of the way but there for those that want it.

  2. Philip

    The site is awesome Randy keep up the good work bro.

    • Randy Brown

      Thanks Brother. I appreciate it!

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