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NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan – Review

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 005

Zondervan’s Skinii series of Bibles are hand-sized thin-lines with nice paper and print, and hardcover with elastic closer. It is made with carry and use in mind. The edition I’m reviewing is NASB.


  • Acid free paper
  • Sewn binding


  • Cover feels like it may be prone to scuffs


  • NASB
  • Duo-Tone hard cover
  • Elastic strap
  • Pouch inside back cover
  • Red-letter
  • 8-point font
  • Footnotes
  • Paragraph format
  • Section headings
  • One ribbon
  • 48 page Concordance
  • Helps
  • 8 x 5.5 x 1
  • ISBN: 9780310423669
  • SRP $27.99

Buy from Amazon: Zondervan NASB Skinii Bible

Cover and Binding

The cover is black duo-tone. It is hard-cover but is has a soft feel to it. It has an elastic strap to keep it closed. There is a small pouch on the inside back cover. It’s large enough to hold a few tracts. The binding is section sewn and lays flat no matter where it’s opened to. This Bible is very light and fits comfortably in one hand for reading. It feels durable.

Paper and Print

The paper is thin but it’s also opaque. In fact it’s probably the most opaque paper that I’ve seen in a Bible this thin. The paper has a slight cream tint to help in readability. It is acid free. The edges are not gilted. It makes sense for this Bible because it has more of a carry notebook feel to it.

The print is nice and sharp. The font is around 8-point and is sharp. It has red letter all the way through Revelation. The print quality is fairly consistent at a medium darkness.


Is has two columns per page and the text is presented in paragraph format. Poetry is set to verse. OT quotes are offset and are in all-caps. Section headings and chapter numbers are bold. The header shows the first verse that starts on the left page and the last verse that starts on the right page. Translation notes appear in the footer and are keyed to the text with letters. Each book starts on a new page.


The concordance is 48 pages and has 3 columns per page. There are 37 entries for God (Deity, Eternal One) and 8 entries for God (false deity, idols). It’s not bad for a concordance is a hand-sized Bible.


Other helps include:

Promises from the Bible – 1 page with 20 issues you might face during your life. Each of the issues has around 6 verses to help you through these situations.

Perspectives from the Bible – 4 pages of various topics and around 6 verses for each topic. This acts as a small topical index.

Ministry of Jesus – 1.3 pages of events and locations in chronological order. It includes the verses from each of the Gospels, building a small Harmony of the Gospels.

Teachings of Jesus – .5 pages of various teachings of Jesus. It is given in alphabetical order.

Miracles of Jesus – 1 page of miracles under one of three topics and given in Biblical order.

Parables of Jesus – 1.3 pages containing all of the parables in alphabetical order.

These helps are great for devotions, personal study, and group discussion. There are not a lot of them, but there’s enough here to be useful. They could even get you started on a sermon or classroom topic.


I had no idea that I would like this Bible this much. It’s a nice and durable hand-sized Bible that is perfect for carry. I love the paper, print, cover, and binding. It’s small without sacrificing font size or paper quality. If I could add one thing it would be references, but that would just make it larger. I will be buying this in KJV.


Buy from Amazon: Zondervan NASB Skinii Bible


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NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 016

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 017

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 018

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 019

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 020

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 021

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 022

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 023

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 024

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 025

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 026

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 027

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 028

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 029


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NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 008

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 009

NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 010 NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan 011


Zondervan provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. John M

    Good review Randy. I really appreciate that you do reviews for budget bibles and not just premium ones. Although I have a few expensive bibles I spent significant time in the cheaper versions and I want to know what I should purchase.

    Now for my comment. I have the KJV skinii. It is a great portable bible. The best I’ve seen for readability. For some reason there are no helps with it, just the concordance. Once the strap is on, one can throw this in a bag or backpack with no worries of damaging pages. When closed the bible looks like a moleskine notebook. Binding and page quality is very good. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a portable KJV. Wish they had a nkjv as well.


  2. Jip

    Thank you so much!
    This is exactly the travel Bible I am looking for.
    Hope I can oder it from France…
    Best regards

  3. Leanne

    Been shopping and deciding on a new Bible for weeks and saw this one but could not open and look inside before purchasing. I take my Bible everywhere and it shows lol… need one that stays closed. Going to buy this today!!

  4. Johnny Mac

    Thanks for the review, you convinced me. Ordering one now!

    • Randy A Brown

      Thanks! Please let us know how you like it!!

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