The Heavens Declare Episode 1


The Heavens Declare is a 13-part series from Kyle Justice and family at Awesome Science Media that shows evidence that the universe was created by God a few thousand years ago. Disc 1 includes discussions from several experts in the field of Creation Science that talk about the various world views and how those world views inform scientific interpretation.

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Experts include:

  • Don DeYoung – Professor and Physicist at Grace College, CRS
  • Russ Humphreys – Physicist and Cosmologist at Creation Research Society
  • Danny Faulkner – Astronomer, Answers in Genesis
  • Jason Lisle – Astrophysicist, Institute for Creation Research
  • Spike Psarris – U.S. Military Space Engineer and Speaker

It’s hosted by Shawn Justice.


This episode covers the history of astronomy and shows how we got a lot of our thinking from the Greeks. They believed the universe didn’t have a beginning and their gods were not powerful enough to create the universe.

This was the popular view until the 1500-1600’s when people recognized comets were in space and the universe can change.

The experts discuss famous scientists in history that believed that God created the universe according to the book of Genesis. They show that the idea of science changed when they approached scientific interpretation with a biblical world-view. And then man planned to remove God from the credit of creation.

In the 1920’s it was discovered that stars were moving away from each other and confirmed Scripture about the expansion of the universe.

They talk about the fact that not all scientists, including secular scientists, agree with the big bang theory, and shows that there are alternative views of the big bang and some reject it completely while proposing alternate cosmologies. String theory is discussed as well as modified steady-state that has been taken over by plasma cosmology. The experts discuss several theories that have been proposed over the years.

Of course they also discuss recent creation, showing problems with the big bang and that it’s not compatible with the Bible. Creation was a singularity, it was just more recent, and a singularity can’t be observed in the present.

They ask questions such as why would there be laws if it was an accident and show that only the creation world view makes laws make sense.

One scientist discusses how he was an atheist and became a creationist because the theory of evolution doesn’t work. He concluded that billions of years can’t be proven and doesn’t fit the scientific evidence. He discusses how he changed world-views based on the evidence.

The experts discuss that evolutionists have only seen the world through evolutionary glasses. All scientists observe based on their world view. Their interpretation of the evidence is based on what they believe about the world. They show that Christianity isn’t rejected because of evidence; it’s rejected because of the spiritual implications that we’re all born sinners in need of a savior.

They give several examples of using scientific methods of testing. For example, with astronomy we can’t visit a star or bring it into the lab to test it. We just have distant photographs. We can’t visit passed events. Assumptions have to be made.

Another example shows that rejecting evolution is not the same as rejecting gravity. We can test gravity. We can’t test past processes. Just like forensics it’s based on theory. They show that many past theories have been proven wrong. The standards of proofs are not the same when you’re talking about past processes.

They show that Carl Sagan made non-scientific statements that were actually logical fallacies. He assumed God didn’t exist and then could never see evidence of the existence of God. This shows that your conclusions come from your assumptions.

They cover several scientific laws including the first and second law of thermodynamics and show that if you go back too far in time you have infinite power. The scientific laws themselves require a supernatural origin. They also discuss how you make a star, showing that gas pressure resists compression and a nebula could not collapse to form a star. Stars had to be created supernaturally.

Historical methods of testing. We construct models but we can’t verify that they’re true. We have to make arbitrary choices and then they claim they’re verified but we can’t know. The evidence that a planet doesn’t exist anymore is that we don’t see it.

They show that models make predictions but there are problems when those predictions never come to pass. For example, we don’t see galaxies starting to form like big bang theory states. They’re already formed. There should be fewer heavy elements in space but we see the same amount way out in space as we do nearby. The evidence supports creation, not the evolution theory.

Another example is that Sagan says we’re made of star dust. He said this because stars create heavy elements. This is a creation myth – not based on science. Science is the search for truth even if that leads us to a creator.

They discuss mathematics and cosmological models with including a boundary idea. This is the idea that there could be a center of the universe in the creation model but not the big bang model. The red shift supports creation and we’re in the optimal place within our galaxy. When discussing ideas like this they are very careful in how they apply interpretation of scientific models and results. They don’t make statements like “this is”, but instead make statements like “this could be, we’re still researching this.”

They discuss why we were created and show from Scripture that God is the creator. There can’t be beauty in an atheistic universe. They show from Scripture that this is a cursed world. The world around us is to bring glory to God. With no God our purpose is artificial.

About the DVD

The DVD is divided into chapters to help break up the thoughts into smaller pieces. We see the host sitting in front of a campfire at night while the experts sit in front of video in the background (via green-screen). Visually it keeps moving and never gets boring. The host comes in and sets up the next topic and summarizes points that were made.

Extra features include:

  • Experts/Cast
  • Bloopers
  • Interviews
  • How it was made

The Heavens Declare Episode 1 is fast moving (although a touch slower than Awesome Science to help you digest the vast amount of information) and easy to follow. A lot of good scientific information is packed into this 45 minute DVD. It’s easy to understand and I think it’s a great choice for all age groups. I highly recommend The Heavens Declare Disc 1 for anyone interested in learning about Creation and how scientific evidence supports Creation and not evolution.

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Awesome Science Media provided this DVD free for review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest review.

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