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Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Covers

We recently received the three-volume Psalms Christian Union Bible Study from Tyndale. The goal of these books is to help deepen the readers’ experience of God through the Psalms in a way that connects head and heart.

ISBNs: 9781496460110, 9781496400127, 9781496460134

Printed in the United States of America

Tyndale provided these books in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review, only an honest one. All opinions are my own.


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Table of Contents

    1. Overview of Series
    2. Introduction, Translation, and Appendixes
    3. Lessons
    4. Final Thoughts on the Psalms Christian Union Bible Study

Overview of Series

The Psalms Christian Union Bible Study aims to be a deeper study that is more text-focused than the usual devotional. It also aims to be more application-oriented and accessible to the non-Bible scholar than the typical commentary. It was designed for individual study or for use in small groups.

No theological training or knowledge of Biblical languages is required to use these books. The series will introduce the readers to key terms from both.

It takes three volumes to cover the entire Psalms.

  • Volume One: Psalms 1-41
  • Volume Two: Psalms 42-89
  • Volume Three: Psalms 90-150

Each book is divided up into 10 lessons with each lesson divided into 5 days. The author estimates most days will take about 15 or 20 minutes to complete.

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Chart

Each book has a handy chart for the Psalms included in that book at the back. It summarizes what each Psalm is about and what each Psalm teaches us about God.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Translation, and Appendixes

All three volumes have the same material in the front and back. These are:

Series Introduction and Acknowledgements

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Introduction

The introduction encourages everyone to know God’s Word and act upon it. These sections also give you some background about what the Christian Union is, how this study series was created, and what they hope it will accomplish.

It is useful to note that this series was specifically written for those who have already confessed Jesus and who want to keep learning.

A Note on Translation

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study A Note on Translation

The full text of the Psalms is included in these books, in a translation done by the author Michael Racine. The choice of using their own translation was made for three primary reasons. First, to be equally usable no matter what translation the reader usually reads. Second, they could include all of the Psalms and you could use just these books for your study when it is more convenient. And third, they could have a translation that uses modern language but still maintains masculine pronouns. Looking up other scriptures and rereading the Psalm in your favorite translation is encouraged.

Appendix A: Does the Bible Say How Much I Should Pray

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Appendix A

The answer is daily. Preferably two or three set times a day, and additionally as needs arise. This 5-page article includes lots of Scriptural examples and some historical evidence for this being common amongst Jews and Gentiles. It also points out that Scripture reading or reciting can be part of our prayer time and the benefits of praying regularly. Both Appendices were written by Matt Bennett, founder and CEO of Christian Union.

Appendix B: Seven Principles of a Seeking God Lifestyle

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Appendix B

This section starts with the premise that it is an honor and a privilege to walk with God on a daily basis. It offers a brief explanation of seven core principles of living a God-seeking lifestyle and some obstacles to seeking God you might encounter. The seven principles included are:

  1. Humility and Fasting
  2. Fervent and Frequent Prayer
  3. Taking in the Word
  4. Repentance
  5. Obedience
  6. Community
  7. Perseverance


I always like it when study material includes information about the thought processes used when writing them. It helps you decide if it is the right study material for you and helps you identify possible biases. The Psalms summary charts and both appendices are very useful and not just while doing this Bible study.

Table of Contents


The 10 lessons with 5 parts or “days” to each lesson is a very semester-friendly format. Each lesson has an introduction and summary that would help begin and end a week. But each day is presented as a self-contained unit so you could easily use this for 6 or 7 days a week or slow down and only cover a couple of days per week if that works better for your group or individual study.

150 psalms and 150 days mean you will usually be studying a single psalm. The first 5 days are devoted to why we should study the Psalms. A couple of longer Psalms take 2 days and Psalm 119 takes 5 days. The 15 A Song of Ascents Psalms (Psalms 120-134) are covered three at a time and the final five praise Psalms (Psalms 146-150) are covered in a single day.

Each day starts with a brief introduction and the reading of the Psalm. That is followed by two or three study points with commentary, a question, and a little bit of room to answer the question in the book. These study points can focus on overlying themes, aspects of God, principles of Christian living, or an in-depth look at specific words and phrasing.

This is a study series with self-admitted “substantial commentary in every lesson” so there are opinions of doctrines and theology that not every reader will agree with.

I like the format of these Bible studies and found them easy to work with. Most of these lessons can be completed in 15 minutes. You could also take a little more time with each one if the subject matter really applies to you or when time allows.  You could look up all the referenced Scriptures, think through and give more detailed answers to the questions, expand discussions in group settings, or add extra prayer time about what you’ve read. This flexibility of time required for study material makes it nice for a wider variety of individual and group study situations.

Table of Contents

Final Thoughts on Psalms – A Christian Union Bible Study, 3-volume Set

Psalms Christian Union Bible Study Covers

The Psalms Christian Union Bible Study set seems to be well organized and well thought out. Even if you don’t agree with the Christian Union on every doctrinal point it encourages both deep thought about the Word of God and application of the Scriptures to daily life that would benefit many Christians.

No Bible study can be as universally helpful and relevant as the Bible itself. But this series seems like a good possible choice for those wanting to combine serious study, daily devotion, and practical application of Scripture even if they are new to any (or all) of the three.

Psalms, with its range of human emotions, frequent references to God’s character, and many Messianic prophecies, is an excellent starting point for this kind of blended study. It will be interesting to see if the Christian Union produces more studies for other books of the Bible.

Table of Contents


These books are available at (includes some affiliate links)



and many local Bible bookstores



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Tyndale provided these books in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review, only an honest one. All opinions are my own.

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